Crashing of Lanka e news website : Reasons..!

Special expose`: ‘Assault’ launched on Lanka e news by hackers !

(Lanka-e-News - 06.Feb.2018, 11.30PM)  Since  3rd  afternoon until the 5 th  , Lanka e news website was  continuously obstructed  by hackers .They had created an artificial ‘traffic’ to achieve their dastardly and anti national goal. Owing to this the news website was from time to time crashing .
Following this mishap , our face book had to be  updated , and we therefore request our legion of viewers to access our face book to read the latest news. In the event of the website crashing for any reason  , we request our avid and valued  readers to browse 
Please accept our profound apologies for the inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control. We kindly request our legion of viewers to bear with us until it is restored to its former state. 

Meanwhile , a spurious news website under the name ‘Lanka e news’ - a bogus ‘look alike’ is in the process of being  created by the henchmen of the president to mislead the viewers , based on reports. In addition these frauds  have also submitted an application asking for  25 media identity cards from the State Information department in connection with their fake website . However the State Information department has rejected this application on the grounds that it is not  satisfied with the validity and veracity of the request , reports reveal. 

May we recall it is now four months since the viewers of Lanka e news were obstructed from accessing the news website via an illegal ban imposed on it .
We deeply regret the inconvenience caused in this connection.

It is noteworthy , it is now 4 months since the illegal ban within Sri Lanka(SL)  was imposed thereby creating obstacles to our  valued and avid viewers .

Lanka  e news website was launched on 2005-02-04 (the independence commemoration day ) .It is matter for deep regret that our valued viewers had to face a new threat as we had just completed  13 years of yeoman service to our avid fans and marching triumphantly surmounting all the Himalayan obstacles, on the independence celebration day 2018 ,and as we were entering upon   the 14 th year, espousing the cause of truth and  media freedom while   exposing the crooks fearlessly , frankly and forthrightly. 

Special expose`: ‘Assault’ launched on Lanka e news by hackers !

During the past several days, a monumental hacker ‘attack’ had been launched on the Lanka e news website.

 Let us first convey our profound apologies to our most  valued viewers who are steadfastly with us despite the threats posed and inconvenience caused.  

Thankfully , a number of international security services –ISGIS (International Support Group of Internet Security ) have come to our aid to overcome this challenge. We are indeed grateful to all those patriotic   Sri Lankans abroad who coordinated this operation against traitors trying to suppress their corruption and crimes.

 On behalf of our anxious and avid viewers we express our  heartfelt gratitude to them .
The search conducted by the  support service  group in this connection has revealed it is the Sri Lanka (SL) government which is directly responsible for this hacker ‘assault’ launched on Lanka e news though usually  such crude and cruel attacks are not launched by a Democratic government. It is only terrorist groups , international money launderers, heroin and weapon dealers , and mercenaries who engage in such activities.  Hence , the ISGIS has expressed its rude shock over the so called democratic SL government’s move which is   resorting to this illegal and undemocratic action by hacking  Lanka e news website .

Based on their investigation , these efforts  had been in existence for some time. These hackers have sought to intrude into the computer  systems of the main State and private banks. Investigations are being continued without interruption  to probe into how far their efforts have been successful. The investigating experts point out, if these hackers  had clandestinely garnered information of account holders and their accounts that could be most serious , and portend grave danger to the entire country 

This situation is fraught with gravest danger because , if such information come to light , the faith and confidence reposed in the SL – international financial relationships could be undermined , resulting in SL being named as  a country most risky and undependable .  Already a most famous Bitcoin  Payment System has temporarily halted its transactions with SL.
It is being suspected whether the  most notorious international hacker , a Russian national was smuggled to Russia  with the special patronage of SL’s State leader   ignoring international requests and warnings, was in order  to seek his assistance to hack the websites. 

It is by now a universally acknowledged fact , the myopic SL State leader is conducting himself like an imbecile , while  having a number of  government and private media under his thumb  and using as  a shield to give answers to the information divulged by Lanka e news.  Owing to  this vindictive aim and traitorous agenda , may we warn the country, the nation and the economy are headed for  an irretrievable disaster of alarming proportion. 

Lanka e news Editorial Board

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