President Sirisena is raving mad: Doesn’t know when and what is independence day ! Disgraces himself and country (Video)

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Feb.2018, 11.30PM)  On the day of  70 th annual celebration  of the independence of Sri Lanka ,  the president of Sri Lanka Sirisena demonstrating  he is totally insane  totally wrecked the national celebration . He shocked the nation and the world by repeatedly announcing that the country is celebrating the 30 th anniversary of independence on 4 th of February 2018- an unpardonable blunder the president of a country can commit!  Unbelievably , he did not rectify this mistake during the entire speech . On another occasion he called the event as a ‘memorial’ celebration  .

These blunders are   most  grave because it is the president of the country , the highest in the hierarchy who committed those  not knowing  he was not quite right in the head  . These blunders will therefore go down in history as committed by an eccentric president who was permitted to still hold the reins of power by the foolish people. 

There is no more important celebration than an independence day celebration for a country. Hence , it is equally important to know it is the country’s 70 th independence day commemoration that is being celebrated . At such a momentous event if  president Sirisena  the highest in the hierarchy  is behaving this silly confirming he is moron Sillysena ( by now his pet name ) ,and committing egregious blunders repeatedly before the entire nation, such a president  is not only disgracing himself but even the country ,its precious independence and the nation . The crucial question therefore is , who is this demented  clown ? Is it not enough the damage he had inflicted on  this country already by his by his ‘mad circus’ and clownish acrobatics ?  Can a country which is desiring  development and advancement tolerate this any longer? 

During the recent past from the beginning, president Sirisena alias Sillysena made a number of announcements indirectly indicating that he is incompetent and unhinged . The people however  thought  those were  election fever utterances , but now it has been confirmed he is truly demented .

In the circumstances , any M.P. can make a request to the speaker in writing under section 38 (a) of the constitution requesting a resolution in parliament to make an examination of his mental condition and forward a report as to whether the president is fit enough to discharge  his presidential duties duly .

The relevant video footage is hereunder 

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