SL military attaché in London interdicted over bad behavior ; deported forthwith (video)

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Feb.2018, 11.30PM)  Military attaché Brigadier Priyanka Fernando of the Sri Lanka High Commission in Britain who on the independence day of Sri Lanka (SL)  conducted himself most repugnantly  when the pro LTTE Sri Lankan Tamils with  British citizenship  staged a protest in front of the SL High Commission in Britain was  interdicted with immediate effect and ordered to be deported immediately to SL . This is pursuant to the decision taken by the  SL foreign ministry .The decision was also conveyed to the British High Commissioner  on the 6 th.
The foreign ministry  notification also states that an immediate investigation shall be launched by the SL army into the crude barbaric conduct  of the Brigadier.

The uncivilized conduct most  unbecoming of a brigadier  was ,his  making crude  threatening  gestures of cutting the throats .  Subeshraj Sathyamoorthy a protestor had taken pictures of the Brigadier’s  misconduct while  Geeth Kulasekeram released it  to the social media for the first time. Following bitter opposition mounted , the SL foreign ministry had to take  the punitive action.

When compared with the huge protests staged in Britain in the past which comprised tens of thousands of demonstrators  , this protest had less than 500 supporters only .   Lanka e news has no qualms about calling   these demonstrators  as LTTE extremists. 

Though these protestors  may think their demands are  fair , if they are truly a civilized group and citizens of Democratic  Britain they must feel ashamed over their behavior carrying flags of the LTTE terrorist cum murderers who not only wrought disaster on the Sinhalese but even on the Tamil population.

However , even such a minority group of extremists cannot  be overpowered when brigadiers behave wildly and react as  bad as the extremists . His foolish conduct only encourages one extremist to   fuel  and fatten another extremist unendingly. Because of this moronic brigadier ,what was a trifling contemptible protest received  undue publicity . He therefore merits punishment for gross indiscipline which is the last and least thing that is expected of a high ranking state officer.

In conclusion , may we highlight  , the military attaches who were appointed to our foreign missions abroad during the period of the war serve  no purpose now in those posts.  These appointments were made during the corrupt nefarious decade of presently discarded Rajapakses to pamper their henchmen , and not to make contributions  to country’s progress. Indeed ,a  military attaché was appointed to Swaziland too , a country  best noted for most nefarious  reasons 

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