Shame , shame president has no shame ! whom to blame when he violates election laws? CMEV lodges complaints!

(Lanka-e-News - 10.Feb.2018, 10.30AM) Desperate and dejected President Sirisena who is by now fully aware that a most humiliating defeat at the local administration elections is what is destined for him ,  with the hope of at least securing a few more seats at least, engaged in election campaign activities in the districts including  Hingrakgoda in  Polonnaruwa on the 9 th illegally , based on reports. 

The CMEV an election monitoring organization was compelled to report in writing to the Elections Commissioner and the DIG  in charge of elections over the behavior most unbecoming of a  president of the country of all people. The president along with a group went from  house to house  of the candidates on the 9 th , and engaged in motivational activities .The CMEV had pointed out these are illegal activities , and shall be immediately halted. 

This was a clear violation of election laws because all election campaigns must come to a full stop on the 8th .Though it was claimed it was a tour  to inquire about the woes of the people ( a concern which never existed before  !) , in fact it was an election campaign undertaken by him in his utter desperation with defeat staring ominously in his face. Shockingly , although written complaints had been made no action had been taken so far in this connection.

The CaFFE organization a so called election monitoring organization run by NGO crook and president’s despicable lackey cum lickspittle Shiral Lakthileke alias Muckthileke which mucks around with matters which do not concern it , had neither  uttered a word nor taken action against this serious violation of election laws by the highest in the hierarchy of  the country !

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