Stupid President who lopped the branch off main tree while still seated on the branch must resign forthwith.

(Lanka-e-News - 11.Feb.2018, 11.30PM) It is the conspiratorial president and none else who by acting stupidly , myopically and without perspicacity or political acumen who should hold himself responsible  for the local government election debacle , and therefore tender his resignation forthwith , the party leaders who put him on the pedestal of power , civil organization leaders and several Mahanayakes  have via phone calls blamed  the president  , informed sources close  to the president revealed.

The president who was propelled to that exalted post by the indefatigable and undiluted efforts of these groups on 2015-01-08 , most shamelessly did a  sordid U turn within 48 hours of his appointment to betray the people who elected him to power and broke  his solemn promises to prove beyond all doubts he is a traitor out and out . 

And now because of his  squalid politics ,  he plunged not  only himself , but even the government and the country into   deep despair which are  the evil fallouts of his  villainies and treacheries .But what is most perilous and portentous   in the present context is ,  he has again driven the country to the threshold of a dictatorial family rule , from which corrupt and crooked rulers the country was extricated on 2015-01-08  amidst  great odds and obstacles. 
President Sirisena who made a thousand promises that he would flush out all the crooks and cronies from the nooks and crannies  to apprehend every culprit , instead prompted by ulterior motives hurled false accusations , through his media henchmen against the very  government of which he was the  head.  Consequent upon his  faceless , policy less and rudderless attitude , he not only dragged down the SLFP which commanded some respect to an 4.44% popularity at the polls , while he is still looking for scapegoats to fasten the blame in his characteristic style.  The president who put his heart and soul into  the election campaign  like his own presidential election , only to bite the dust must  immediately resign from  his post if he has any sense of shame.

It is the view of the groups that the  president who was so stupid  as  to  lop a branch off the main tree while still seated  on the very branch ,  only finally courted disaster like Humpty Dumpty.  Hence , the president who made a hash of the entire process must resign immediately , they insisted.

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