An impeachment motion against president Sirisena for intentional violation of the constitution !

(Lanka-e-News - 16.Feb.2018, 2.25PM)  With president Maithripala Sirisena’s  popularity dwindling to a 4% ,and his attempts to intentionally  plunge the country into chaos and confusion in order to cover up his own personal fiascos , there has emerged a threat of an impeachment motion  against him , which news we are reluctantly compelled to reveal  to the entire population of the country. 

This is the second impeachment motion to be tabled in parliament against a president in Sri Lanka’s (SL)  history . The first impeachment motion was against former president Ranasinghe Premadasa . However, the speaker at that time who accepted it did not take further action  .

Intentional violation of the constitution ..

The impeachment motion against the president due to   intentional violation of the constitution by him  will be necessitated if he appoints Nimal Siripala De Silva or any other to the post of P.M. without the consent of the present P.M  Ranil Wickremesinghe . In the event of the president taking that course of action  it constitutes  an absolute violation of article 38(2)(a) (i) of the constitution under which the president becomes liable to the offence of ‘intentional violation of the constitution .‘ 

Two letters have been received by the president  (letter from Amaraweera of the UPFA and letter from Susil Premajayantha of the SLFP) which are written  either owing to  ignorance of the law or following wrong advice  . Based on the belief that the majority in the parliament can be secured  , and by collecting the names of the MPs who consent to it, preparations are being made to announce  the name of Nimala Siripala as the P.M. via the president if 113 names can be collected. 

That  is however impossible under the 19 th amendment of the constitution .Article  (46) (2) of the 19 th amendment of the constitution states thus ….

(2) Prime Minister 
(a ) if he resigns of his own accord by addressing a letter to the president , or
(b) if he ceases to be an M.P. 
As long as the cabinet of ministers are functioning under the constitution , so long will the prime minister  continue in his post. 

It therefore very clear as long as the cabinet of ministers  last so long will the prime minister continue and the president cannot effect changes. It is stipulated in the constitution until the government is dissolved , next elections are held and a new government is appointed , the cabinet will continue and during that period the P.M. shall continue in that post.

The P.M. can be changed only by the Parliament and not by the president… 

The constitution is very clear on the procedure to be followed to change the  P.M  . The president cannot effect changes according to his will and pleasure  , but rather it is a parliamentary process. Only if an impeachment motion is brought against the P. M. and  he is defeated , it is only then his post falls vacant

In the circumstances , simply on a letter of Susil who is well known for tomfoolery ad buffoonery , and after obtaining 113 signatures , no matter whose , the president has no power to remove the incumbent P.M.  The  president should  entrust task that to the parliament .

According to the normal procedure governing the tabling of an impeachment motion in parliament, if a vote is taken after a debate in parliament on the impeachment motion, and P.M. Ranil Wickremesinghe  is defeated ,  then and only then , the individual who enjoys the confidence of the majority in parliament , and after he is named , the president can appoint him as the new P.M.

If  president  Sirisena takes action transgressing the laws  and norms to suit the needs of his moronic henchmen and stooges or in accordance with the Maharaja’s  mahajara channels which are directed towards  the  fecal drainage pipelines , undoubtedly the president is going to face charges of ‘intentional violation of the constitution ,’ and thereby the inevitable impeachment motion.

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division ,  in the event of the UNP tabling an impeachment motion against the president ,the Joint Opposition of Rajapakses has agreed to support it. If that happens , president Sirisena alias Sillysena’s position is at stake , and a Presidential election  will follow. 


Translated by Jeff 

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