Why did China send here a ‘queer ambassador’ –suspicions grow..!

(Lanka-e-News - 04.March.2018, 11.30PM)  China has sent a new  ‘strange’  ambassador to Sri Lanka in pursuance of a conspiracy  to topple the present good governance government  in order to enable  the corrupt  criminal  Rajapakses  to take over the reins again , based on  suspicions which have proliferated among Colombo based diplomatic circles .

Cheng Xuenyuan , the new Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka arrived in Sri Lanka on January 2 1 st during the period of the last local government elections.

What is most bizarre about this appointment is , China selecting a Communist political party member who is  specialized in that sphere of activity, and not of the diplomatic service  as China’s new ambassador to SL. China as a matter policy ,does not appoint ambassadors who are not of the foreign service. Hence , the Colombo based  diplomatic circles are of the view , China appointing a henchman outside the foreign service for the first time in respect of SL is with the objective of effecting a political upheaval .

Following his advent , the good governance government enemies are begging for  the flow  of   ‘Chinese aid’ , it is learnt .

Meanwhile , at the conference in Singapore on the 2nd , Ranil Wickremesinge P.M. announced, while being with the ‘ preference to neighbors’ policy of India , SL  will work alongside the ‘one belt one road ‘ policy with a view to implementing  it.

Today(04) Sunday Times news paper reveals Mr. Basil Rajapaksha had a two hour long meeting with the new Chinese Ambassador Cheng Xuenyuan in last week

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