The true percentage of votes of the Bud is 40 %; Government is 42 % ; Media announcements are wrong !.

(Lanka-e-News - 06.March.2018, 4.45PM)   It has now come to light that the national percentage at the last local polls published by media are erroneous ……

The true national percentage of Flower Bud is 40.66 % 
(According to Media Institutions – 44.65 %)
UNP national percentage is  29.40 %
(Media Institutions  – 32.63 %)

SLFP +UPFA percentage : 12.38 % 
(Media Institutions- 13.38 %) 

JVP percentage :  5.8% 
( Media Institutions-6.27 %)

How did these errors crop up ? 

Most media Institutions when reckoning  the national percentage have taken into consideration all votes of the primary parties ( SLPP, UNP, SLFP+UPFA , JVP, TNA ) , that is 11,069, 417 as  valid votes when counting them.

However ,  when reckoning remaining  parties and the independent group  , their total valid votes is 12,214, 901. Accordingly the  national  percentage of the various distinct parties ought to change.

January 8 th mandate and the future of the government …

What is paramount in this context is  , Mahinda Rajapakse who is speaking about forming a government has only  received 40 % . On the other hand , the UNP plus president’s SLFP together with  parties of  national coalition government  have received 42 % , while at the last presidential elections , the parties under the swan symbol received 51 % votes.

Going by this it is clear the people have still not moved away from their  mandate of 2015-01-08 . Hence what is imperative now is , the two main parties getting together and implementing the national programs most expeditiously , and following  a course of staying   clear from  allowing  issues to proliferate   among the parties of the coalition.

Patalie Champika Ranawake 

Lanka e news  comment …
The main mistake was  committed by the Elections Commission..  They did not publish the district results or National results of the elections as soon as possible. 

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