Sirisena’s racism pops up in Japan too ! Gnanassara the drunkard racist monk is invitee –photo is evidence!

(Lanka-e-News- 14.March.2018, 11.00PM)  Confirming the truth of the allegations  mounted by Lanka e news that president Maithripala Sirisena is behind the racial conflict which erupted in Kandy , an out and out anti Muslim racist criminal dipsomaniac monk Gnanassara who was  contributory to inciting the racial riots also  joined the group of the president that is touring  Japan currently.

For the meeting held on the 13 th in the most luxury hotel ‘Imperial hotel’ in Tokyo , Japan , Gnanassara the monstrous monk was invited . (vide photo) 

Believe it or not !  Sirisena has taken along with him to Japan  two most notorious racists but  wearing the saffron robes and calling themselves a s monks, namely Piyasiri Wijenayake and Somaweera Chandrasiri  spending out of  public funds.  Now, it is  only these racists are the  friends of  Sirisena who is presently embattled and desperate .

The same Sirisena  alias Sillysena  who mounted accusations against Rajapakses during their era of wasting public funds on mega groups being taken on foreign junkets by them has himself on this tour taken a group of about 100 members comprising  his group.

President Sirisena who is by now a confirmed traitor for kicking away the people’s mandate of 2015-01-08 unconscionably and shamelessly , taking along with him on his foreign junkets any crook , racist , pavement idler, rabid dog or bitch  is of no issue if he meets the expenses out of his own personal  funds. But when he is wasting the funds of the public , the wrath of the  abysmally suffering people is on him , for they  naturally feel the losses , though Sillysena does not.

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