How did no confidence motion torn apart by Mahinda get life again ! M.P. post for Derana !!

-Dunusinghe’s weekend inside report

(Lanka-e-News - 19.March.2018, 9.20PM)   The writer of this article revealed in an  earlier report,  because the Basil Rajapakse group was  in disfavor of the  no confidence motion against  Ranil  Wickremesinghe , that will not materialize. Following this report there erupted a cold war between Gota and Basil. Both of them had fought via the phone each blaming the  other over  how the information seeped  out  to the media.
Currently signatures are being collected for this motion , and is to be presented to the speaker on the 20 th or  21 st  of March ,the Joint Opposition said ,while on the 17 th Mahinda Rajapakse revealed that he  and his party leaders shall be signing  it. The question therefore is , how did the no confidence motion of Sirisena which was torn apart by Mahinda get life again? 

As was  revealed by the writer , so the Kandy communal terrorism  targeting  Muslims was the outcome of the decision taken by the special committee of  ‘kitchen cabinet’ of Sirisena. The special committee was comprised of Gota ,Wimal , Dallas , Rathane sadhu and Shiral Lakthileke , the notorious devil incarnates   who can never think of anything for the general good of   the country  except in terms of their own self propulsion driven by  their crooked and sinister  agendas. 

No wonder satanic Sangha underworld leader Gnanassara  and sangha underworld members like  Angpitiye Sumana are celebrating  having mirth and merriment at the expense of the victims because of the devil incarnates. 

After a  planned  water cut for the areas  the anti Muslim racists launched the attack , and  when the attack was completed , the Sirisena-Gota group rose triumphantly defeating the Basil group. While the racial violence  was raging , it was Wimal and Gota who were in charge of the media manipulations. 

Instructions were received by Reno Silva of  ‘Hiru ’ media channel  , and ‘Derana’ media chain to portray the anti Muslim attack  as a result of a sudden provocation , and it is the Muslims who were in the wrong. Those instructions were issued by Gota.  ‘Sir ,tell anything and that will be done, but hereafter do not summon us to meetings’ Dilith Jayaweera had pleaded amidst Gota’s orders. ‘Okay , okay , Dilith. In fact  I am also sorry about what happened the other day. Don’t you know about our people . Anyway come and see me personally when you have free time,’ Gota had comforted Dilith.  

It was Wimal who spoke to Bulitha Pradeepkumara of ‘Divaina’ newspaper .’ Aiyya don’t   worry our editorial decided to support you all. Basil’s  goods are also with us. We shall discard  those’ Bulitha at the other end has assured.  Bulitha’ s reply  exceeded Wimal’s expectations. 

It is a well known fact Bulitha despite wearing clothes did the sordid biddings of Mahinda in the past to an extent even  more than what a straying shameless naked bull would descend to.  Wimal ‘s instructions were  , ‘Malli collect all those and keep . Those are not needed now. When the time is ripe we shall tell.’

In keeping with that promise the Divaina  when   publishing the live interview of Sirisena pertaining to the ruthless  attack  revealed,  though the attack on Amparai was premeditated , that at Kandy was not. The president making these comments even before the police investigations had begun is a matter for rude shock.  Siirisena was that sure ,  to deny even the preplanned water cut in  those areas and unashamedly say it wasn’t  planned. 

The parliament mania of Kili’s Sirasa infected the Derana of Dilith too. 

Following the racial holocaust  in Kandy to their satisfaction  , the’kitchen cabinet’ of  Sirisena met to discuss the no confidence motion.  ‘Look , how businessmen are . Recently Dilith came to meet me. He is telling he will extend the fullest support. But he wants a seat at the next elections in Colombo’ Gota revealed with a hearty laugh. When the audience questioned ‘ whether it is for Dilith?’ , Gota replied ’No , no , It is either Sanka Amararatne or Chatura Alwis who he will be putting forward’ . ‘That may be good anyway because Sanka is a lawyer  and  it will be advantageous.’  

When Wimal said , ‘we shall give them one seat , ‘ many started laughing while saying’ Wimal is trying to cut Dinesh  from under his feet. ‘
Finally the ‘kitchen cabinet’  decided that Mahinda be requested to bring together the alliance , and for the no confidence motion against Ranil , the Basil group shall somehow be  won over.

It is on this account , the Alliance met at Colombo residence of Mahinda on the 14 th. Wimal arrived with  a brief case which he does not usually carry. Mahinda who saw him asked   ’ what Wimal you are coming after going to courts?’  As the discussion  heated up , Mahinda said , ‘now Wimal’s website has started slamming me’ .   ‘No , no we were only issuing  a warning. Last time you sought presidential elections heeding Jayasundara’s advice despite our advice to the contrary and you know what happened finally. That is why we warned since that  mistake  can be made again,’ Wimal  asserted.

Mahinda’s googly for Gota – Basil  rift…

The discussion on the no confidence motion dragged on for a long time because   the  cooperation of Basil’s group was not there. Mahinda suddenly in the midst of it exclaimed  ‘ now you all have captured all our media too’, to which the Gota’s group only laughed without giving an answer. 

In the end Basil’s group agreed with  the no confidence motion subject to  two conditions. That is , Mahinda should not sign it  , and in the event  of no confidence motion  turning successful and the government is defeated, the P.M. post shall be allocated  to the Gota group.

Because the Gota group agreed with the conditions , Mahinda consented to tell the media the no confidence motion will be steered forward.

In any case Basil strongly believed heeding Jayasundara’s advice , the government shall not be taken over at this moment, and the no confidence motion shall be defeated even at the last moment. Basil speaking on  the no confidence motion,  therefore   disclosed to  the media ‘ it is a parliamentary affair .  Hence we are expecting that too.’ However when answering the next question of the journalists , he revealed without paying much attention  ,   ‘I think that is being brought against the P.M. as well as  the government ,‘ before leaving.

Presidential media unit challenged… 

While the Alliance was making the preparations for the no confidence motion , president Maithripala went to Japan with the Sangha underworld  despicable leader Gnanassara the notorious dipsomaniac . 

Interestingly it  was the members of Basil group who  were  mainly contributory to the publication of this article. Answering our queries referring to the junket they said , ‘Gnanassara flew directly  from Colombo  to Japan , whereas  Sirisena went  to Japan after visiting India. That is the  only difference ’ 

The presidential media issuing a communiqué  insisted that Gnanassara was not in the president’s delegation. If that is so we challenge the presidential media division to reveal the names of the others who were in the delegation.

Moreover , then how could  Gnanassara  took  part in the discussions without president’s concurrence? Obviously that alone proves Gnanassara was in the delegation of the president.’

It is to be noted a no confidence motion cannot be tabled  only to oust the P.M. It can only be against the entire government. Following the success of a no confidence motion , the P.M. alone will not change  , it will be the entire  cabinet that will be defeated.  

Besides  , to table a no confidence motion , so many signatures are not necessary. A single  M.P.’s charges  would suffice. The power of the party to steer it successfully becomes  essential  only when the government and opposition parties are  voting  in respect of the motion after the debate .Hence , the collection of signatures by Sirisenas and Mahinda Rajapakses now are  only a display of the uncertainty they have regarding their own powers.


Translated by Jeff 

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