Mahanama president’s chief of staff nabbed when receiving a bribe of Rs 20 million!

(Lanka-e-News - 03.May.2018, 9.45PM) Just some moments ago Mahanama the chief of staff of president Gamarala was nabbed by the Commission inquiring into allegations of bribery and corruption when he was collecting a bribe of Rs . 20 million . It is learnt that the already embattled president Gamarala is leaving no stone unturned to suppress the crime ,  based on reports reaching Lanka e news instead of allowing the laws to take its course duly.

The culprit Mahanama who  demanded a sum of Rs. 100 million to get a favor done through his Gamarala  was nabbed when collecting Rs. 20 million.
An  other coporation chief too has been with the culprit  while this was taking place  in a leading hotel in Colombo. Gamarala as usual is  moving heaven and earth to keep the media out from reporting the incident , according to reports reaching Lanka e news. 

wait for detail report

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