Is this the beginning of a ‘Maithri regime’..? watch out..!

(Lanka-e-news- 25.Jan.2015, 9.00PM) It is an indisputable and obvious fact the protesting people of the country, on 8th January 2015 ,at last succeeded in destroying almost insurmountable obstacles in the face of the gravest odds , to get rid of a most brutal , barbaric corrupt murderous despotic family regime which during its 9 years reign only fanned nepotism , cronyism and favoritism thereby appointing all its relatives , crooks ,corrupt and competent individuals to the highest offices in the country, and in the end led itself into inevitable disaster and despair.

However ,even before the people can heave a sigh of relief and say ,’good riddance of bad rubbish, ‘apparently , the new President Maithripala Sirisena had begun another journey on the same disastrous lines :

A younger brother of Maithripala Sirisena who was cutting down trees under past regime has been appointed as the chairman of the Sri Lanka telecom (SLT) of the modern era which is abounding with knowledge of commerce and science, and when that vacancy should be filled by a mathematician or someone with knowledge in that field . Besides , this appointment being made by Maithri himself is a matter for deep regret .

Pallewatte Gamaralalage Kumarasinghe Sirisena was the general manager of State Timber Corporation since 2006. Gamaralalage Sirisena who was the Director of the Land reform and development private Co. that was launched by the deposed Rajapakses to plunder lands after reclamation ,is unfortunately not possessed of a clean slate based on his antecedence.

No matter what , Gamaralalage Sirisena has suddenly barged into the SLT last 21st sans any prior notice ,armed with a letter appointing him as the SLT chairman under the signature of President’s secretary P.B. Abeykoon.

Intriguingly ,Kumarasinghe had arrived at the SLT not alone; in his company was Jayantha Thilakaratne ,an ex human resource manager who was chased out from SLT several years ago after being named as a most corrupt official based on a report given by judge Chandradasa Nanayakkara who was appointed to investigate the corruption and frauds at SLT that time.

Kumarasinghe Sirisena who opened the cubicle of the SLT chairman after collecting its key forcibly , sat in the chairman’s seat and told others at SLT that he is the chairman from that day. The secretary o the chairman and CEO of SLT have been patient because Kumarasinghe is the brother of the incumbent President of the country. Nevertheless they have informed him , Ranil Wckremesinghe the P.M., or the finance minister Ravi Karunanayake or the new Telecom minister Mangala Smaraweera had not notified them of this , whereupon Kumarasinghe had said, he is the younger brother of the President , and he has been appointed as the new chairman of SLT by the secretary to the President.

On hearing this those officers have most courteously explained to him, the power to appoint the chairman and the board of Directors is vested not with the secretary to the President , and as a major part of the SLT comes under the purview of the Treasury , it is the secretary to the Treasury who has the power to make this appointment.

Kumrasinghe had then left the SLT along with Jayantha Thilakaratne the notorious fraud , only to return to the SLT in the evening with a letter from the Treasury secretary.

Later , 22nd morning ,he had ceremonially taken up appointment lighting the traditional oil lamps ,with religious ceremonies conducted by the Gangarama podi Hamaduruwo , the prelate who preaches bana (sermons) to the ousted Rajapakses .

To participate in the religious ceremonies , one notorious fraudster Thilakarathne not enough , another swindler was also invited to participate or rather pollute the religious ceremony. The other fraudster is ,Ranjith Roopasinghe the CEO of Mobitel who during the Rajapakse regime stooped so low as to submerge the Mobitel Co. in an ocean of illegal and murky activities.

Please read our news item dated 12 th January which reported about the petition of the Mobitel workers demanding that Roopasinghe who was involved in frauds be sentenced to jail under the new government which stands for good governance.

At today’s official ceremony, in addition a present Director of the Telecom Kalinga Indratissa , an infamous stooge of the villainous Rajapakses played a main role .

Like most of the ex Rajapakse regime’s corrupt incompetent top echelon officials , present Director Kalinga during the four years he was a Director had only attended two or three Board meetings , but has travelled abroad at public expense as many as about 50 times!

Strangely, reputed members of the Director board who were committed to their tasks did not attend the ceremonies. They are, former Telecom chairman Nimal Welgama , Jayantha Dharmadasa and Chaminda Rajapakse son of Chamal Rajapakse. Going by these officials who command respect not attending today’s ceremony of the new chairman, and notorious despicable Kalinga Indratissa participating , it is clearly manifest that SLT board of Directors is invaded by corrupt individuals like Kalingaya and Maga who invaded SL in ancient times.

As the Telecom belongs to the posts and Telecommunication ministry , with the allocation of new ministries ,Mangala Samaraweera has been appointed as its new minister after the

former Minister of Telecom was relieved of his responsibilities. Though Samaraweera is the Telecom minister , he was not aware of the appointment of the new chairman . Sadly , the secretary to the President , Abeykoon was ignorant of the procedure to be followed when appointing a chairman to Telecom. Surely if he had any knowledge he would not have sent the new chairman with the appointment letter like a peon.

Not only Lanka e news , but even a number of media Institutions warned President Maithripala Sirisena and Abeykoon who do not know protocol ,when appointing a vacuous secretary to the President who did not know even one language properly leave alone knowledge of two languages . The media were fully aware well ahead that better official conduct or performance cannot be anticipated from such nitwits.

As a responsible media Institution that has always championed the cause of the people , best reputed for exposing corruption at all levels , and acted in the best interests of the nation , we urge the people to be vigilant , as today’s untoward incident does not augur well and could well mark the beginning of a ‘Maithri regime’ which could be unbecoming when the people are agitating for and looking forward to good governance , as well as total eradication of despotic executive presidency powers.

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His EExcellency The president has a very difficult job to do after 10 years of corruption and to satisfy the aspirations of all Sriloankans who are very happy after a long time si I think the media shpould give hime time without creating unwanted criticism - help him to help all srilankans
-- by Mano on 2015-01-26

Someone must explain this flaw to MS in order to rectify this situ to prevent his ideals being tarnished
-- by fahmi m m on 2015-01-26

Dear Lanka e-news please arrange to publish an article asking to select suitable persons for government top position by using their qualifications and experiences. They can publish in gazettes or paper advertisements, which can be open to everyone in the country. Not only this position even the position were given to someone they know (ex: media, and all others). This should be open to everyone in the country. We have so many intelligent people who do not have any access to ministers or politicians, who can contribute well with these positions.
-- by sreemathie gamage on 2015-01-26

Will it be Frying-pan to the fire?
-- by Upali on 2015-01-26

I hope that every body should condemn and look down this type pessimistic articles which do not mean to rectify any kind of corruption in politics or activities in society, instead lead a just and righteous government in to vengeance with an utter disappointment which would end up it in destruction of its own dignity. In fact an exaggerated miner mistakes plotted by conspirators like these could to lead even a maithree regime to a revenging downfall.
-- by Thilakarathna on 2015-01-31

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