Skulls and skeletal remains discovered in Sathosa Building are those of 38 dead persons ! (photo)

(Lanka e News -13.July.2018, 11.30PM)   Skeletal remains  of 38 persons were  discovered until today , the 12 th  at a location in the  Mannar Sathosa warehouse during excavations.

These skeletal remains  had not been taken out from the mass burial venue. The excavations are being monitored by the Mannar magistrate , M.Prabhakaran..

When some contractors were digging to lay the foundation for a new building after demolishing an old Sathosa building in Mannar town on 25 th March , these skeletal remains have surfaced, according to the Police 

When the earth from the excavation was being transported by a resident of Emilnagar , Mannar by a Tipper he had noticed parts of the human skeletons along  with  the earth. It is following his information to the police , investigations began.

Thereafter , excavations were commenced on the 28 th of May , monitored by  the  former Mannar magistrate A.D. Alex Raja , and with the assistance of a group including Saminda Rajapakse the Judicial Medical officer ,Mannar, archeological department officers , and police crimes division investigation officers.

On the orders of the court , the skeletal remains which had been discovered were  deposited in a special unit of the Mannar hospital  while the security at the place where the skeleton remains were found has been beefed up, Police revealed.  

Photos and report by Dinasena Rathugamage.

Translated by Jeff

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