Uncouth uneducated ‘national outcast’ makes speaker an ‘invalid’ …

(Lanka e News -17.July.2018, 11.30PM)    Those who are given to childish pleasure and wallowing on  others’ sufferings posted a news report that speaker Karu Jayasuriya is sick and has been hospitalized. This news report is  an absolute lie and it is the website “Lanka anjanam eliya’ of Wimal Weerawansa who addressed the speaker most insolently in parliament and  is  best known as the uneducated ‘ national outcast’, which has stooped to this level to post this most despicable lie.

This lie has been  concocted  based on speaker’s  medical checkup    day before yesterday . This mendacious and malicious  report is a clear indication of the evil wishful thinking of corrupt political scoundrels and to what lowliest levels such uneducated uncouth outcasts  can descend to in their eagerness to  fatten even on death and despair of their own colleagues.

 In fact the speaker who is  as fit as a fiddle attended a national function yesterday as the chief guest.

On the day the speaker was undergoing  the medical check up which lasted 6 hours ,  the speaker had to go on answering calls unendingly , which in truth became a headache for the doctors .

What  can be inferred from these despicable bogus  reports of these disgraceful uneducated outcasts from the garbage bins who parade as   (cardboard) patriots  is,  they are   earnestly  hoping  that Jayasuriya is currently an  invalid ,and to show to the people that Mahinda Rajapakse (the face which is faceless without make up) the Naki manamalaya is a  ‘youth ‘

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