Russian mafia and ‘Gotler’ murder squad conspire : National security at stake ! Namal to be glorified through murders on Sept. 5 th .

(Lanka e News -04.Sep.2018, 7.30AM) The murderous opposition which has a long experience in criminalities and had been demanding a ‘dead body’ from the good governance government over a long period has planned to take its revenge on the 5 th of September when it is staging its ‘people’s force’ protest , based on reports reaching Lanka e News inside information division.

Godfathers behind this conspiracy are : a Russian mafia which enjoys Russian government patronage and the murder squad of local ‘Gotler’.

The protest on 5 th September is aimed at diverting the bitter power struggle among the Rajapakses towards another direction , and is a drama to glorify notorious crook Namal Rajapakse the synthetic lawyer . In much the same way as the teachers of the book of Chinese forces are trying to exalt Gotabaya and make him a ‘king’ , the Russian mafia is maneuvering to decorate Namal as a ’king’ , which is by dumping the ill earned colossal illicit cash in that direction . It is for this purpose Namal along with his younger brother Yoshitha (not the samanala malaya) the other jaltharaya (racketeer) toured Russia twice every month during the recent past . Information received by Lanka e News in connection with their conspiracy is as follows ….

During the demonstrations on 5 th September , one participant who is with Namal is to be killed allegedly by police firing. It is most likely the assistance of a sniper is to be sought for the shooting . However , the most important side of the conspiracy is not that . It is hereunder …

Another individual is to be enlisted to rob the bullet used in the shooting in order that in the subsequent investigations , the bullet cannot be found . Making use of the inability to search and find the bullet , it is to be publicized the government is suppressing the investigation into a homicide , and stage massive protests Island wide. This is the second part of their brutal power crazy conspiracy .

Whether this conspiracy will involve the death of one , two or more victims has not been decided , it is learnt . In any event for the moment attention is being focused most sharply on the shooting and robbing the bullet .

Though only the masterminds behind this conspiracy to murder ‘Hollywood style’ are aware , the responsibility without the knowledge of each other is delegated among various other individuals.

Of course as a news website which stands by truth and fearlessly exposes any impending dangers to the people and the country , this is all we can highlight and spotlight in the best interests of Democracy and a Democratic government , and against murderous and terrorizing groups trying to capture power at any cost .

All what we can say is , it is for the State intelligence Service to maintain a perfect surveillance operation and be most alert .


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