Seven proposals to save the motherland including giving Sarath Fonseka the national security

(Lanka e News - 24.April.2019, 10.40PM) This is a decisive moment of our motherland. The present terror situation we face in our country is a sophisticated terror network linked internationally and is completely different than the 30 year war we faced. The sources which started the 30 year old war do not bind with the present situation in anyway. However the victories and the credit we celebrated in the last 30 year war belongs to the security divisions and to the political authorities. Lanka e news security analysis also has a 30 years experience. For the last 15 years from the start of Lanka e news our political and security analysts has successfully analyzed and reported to the people of Sri Lanka. Therefore we come forward without any prejudice and urge the authorities again to save our motherland from the present crisis and would like to submit the following proposals to the relevant authorities and to the people of our country.

1. To immediately appoint field Marshall Sarath Fonseka as the cabinet minister in charge of national security

Sarath Fonseka is a war hero and who lead the 30 year old war successfully. We can affirm this from the opinions he gave yesterday during a press conference. According to his vision he is correct. Lankadeepa has reported his opinion below.

MP fonseka said the collapse of the country’s intelligence is not an overnight incident, however all the governments who governed after 2009 should bear the responsibilities of the failure. He further said if such intelligence information has been received before 2009 the defense would have taken swift actions and had the required defense and intelligence mechanism deployed to function.

He said during the Easter day explosion such a defense mechanism was not deployed and without giving excuses the relevant political authority should bear the full responsibility. MP. Fonseka accused that the security forces always functioned on behalf of the political authority’s instructions. However in this catastrophe despite getting intelligence information the political authority has failed give the required instructions to the national security to save the public.

He said the LTTE took 12 years time to create a suicide bomber likewise this terror organization also should have been existed for many years. He said following the end of the war as the army commander he urged the political authorities to create a large intelligence network but nothing was materialized.

He also said this situation cannot be controlled by surrounding houses and deploying the forces at roads. This can only be curtailed by strengthening the intelligence and even if we do it would take a minimum of three years for the task.

2. To  appoint former retired IGP N.K. Ilangakoon as the defense secretary

In Sri Lanka to combat this racial terrorism is the task belongs to the police force not to the army. Therefore a lawful, disciplinary and uncorrupt person like the former IGP Ilangakoon should be appointed as the defense secretary position. Following his retirement it was prominent that he did not take any position in the government. However he would not deny when he is called for service again.

3. To appoint most senior experienced and uncorrupt current head of the STF R. Latheef as the IGP

SDIG Latheef understands the aspirations of the ordinary Muslim community well. When combating the radical muslim extremism it is important to win the trust of the ordinary muslims in a way by not pushing them towards extremism. It can only be fulfilled by appointing an honest officer such as Latheef as the IGP. Latheff has not broken the trust of the Sinhala and Tamil community. There will not be a problem if another extension is given to his service.

4. To keep the present Army commander Mahesh Senanayake by giving him an extension to his service

The present army commander Mahesh Senanayake is a stronger officer who served with General Sarath Fonseka during the end of the war. If there is any misunderstandings between Fonseka and Senanayake it would be better if both can resolve and come forward behalf of the country.

5. Since our country is an island it is the navy that can secure our borders from terrorist activities and drug trafficking. Currently Sri Lanka navy is full of criminals and corrupt officers. Former navy commander Travis Chinnayya who was sent on retirement within three months cannot be appointed as the navy commander again but he should be called and given an appointment as a senior consultant in the navy with responsible powers.

6. The current air force commander who is trying to add merits by defusing a false synthetic bomb fixed inside a PVC tube near the air port should be removed and a new air force commander should be appointed (it is reported that president Sirisena has given him an extension)

7. It would be a catastrophe to think of the Rajapaksas who robbed billions of public money and killed all his opponents hiding behind the war as an answer to the current situation We believe by the above appointments and changes we can lead our motherland to a safer and a secure path because the above people has not broken that trust.

Lanka e news internal security analyst

Translated by Robinhood

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