Gota gives a contract to Pillayan's gang; Muslim Congress complains to EU representatives !!

An exposure by former Intelligence Officer Keerthi Ratnayake

(Lanka-e-News 03.Nov.2019, 11.30PM) Mahinda visited the prison recently and had a discussion with Pilleyan. Mahinda went to see Pillayan not look for his well being but to plan a conspiracy. Pohottuwa has already announced that Pillayan will be released once they comes to power. Pilleyan is in prison for the murder of TNA MP Joseph Pararajasingam. Joseph Pararajasingham was assassinated on the eve of the Christmas day at St. Mary's Church in Batticaloa. Pillayan's gunman was used to the assassination, which was led by a paramilitary group operating under Hendavitharana.

Untold truth about the Saharan..

Saharan joined the army intelligence Service in 2005. It was Colonel Tuan Muthalif, an intelligence officer at the time, who enlisted Saharan in the army intelligence. At the time of Muthalif's assassination, nearly 120 Muslim youths in the Eastern Province were involved in the intelligence service. Following the war these youths were formed as the jihadist group of the IS model. A senior member of the Pillayan group, Sinna Thambi, was who gave training to this group including Saharan. Saharan's suicidal brother meets Sinnathambi at Batticaloa Prison. After the war Saharan became a member of the Tauhid Jamaath. It was Gotabaya who gave land from Colombo to establish the headquarters of the Tauhid Jamaat organization. It is now proven that Gota paid wages to Saharan from the army intelligence unit after the establishment of Tauhid Jamath.

Gota and his military faction..

Saharan became a suicide bomber in the Kandy attack on Muslims. Dan Priyasad, Namal Kumara and Amit Weerasinghe led the Digana-Kandy attack. They were responsible of a grenade attack launched on the Ambatenna temple in Katugastota to incite racial violence. These stories were disclosed by Asela Dharmasiri who recently had a media briefing following a rift with Dan Priyasad. It has now been proved that Dan Priyasad, Namal Kumara and Asela were in Gota's lap. It is clear that the Gota-Sirisena assassination plot disclosed by Namal Kumara is a fake. Arunkanth’s Shiv Sena faction is a product of Gota. The Bodu Bala Sena is a product of Gota. All these extremists were manipulated by the Gota and his military faction

It is now very clear; Gota's who was behind all the attacks..

It was Gota's group who were involved in the Minuwangoda destruction. Madhumadhava first came to the scene with the Minuwangoda fire. Namal Kumara, who was arrested on suspicion of Hettipola and Minuwangoda attacks attack is still in custody. The owner of the defender vehicle which Namal Kumara came is one Saman Perera who owns Royal Beach. The latter who is a Heroin businessman is supporting Gota and entered the presidential election under the banner of 'Our Janabala Party'. It was Asela Dharmasiri the National Organizer of our Jana Bala party who is spreading the mat against Gotabaya. It is now very clear that it is Gota's who was behind all the attacks on Muslims.

Pilleyan group is getting ready for an attack Eastern Province...

Hizbullah is a puppet of Mahinda. Hezbollah's henchman, Miflal Moulavi, is blatantly violating election laws and pressuring Muslims not to cast their votes to this election through an organization known as 'Lets end the seventy year old deception'. Reliable sources have reported that before the election, Gota is preparing his own shadow militias for another offensive. Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader Rauf Hakeem has complained to the EU's election watchdog about an attack that Pilleyan has planned. This complaint has been submitted by the Muslim Congress in writing to Mary Boland, a political observer of the European Election Monitoring Group.

Keerthi Rathnayake

A former intelligence officer

Translated by azgar

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