White van horror plunders the country again..! Victim abducted was a Switzerland visa officer..! Foreign diplomats shocked..!

(Lanka-e-News -27.Nov.2019. 4.20PM) The first white van abduction has commenced with the abduction of a foreign diplomat in Sri Lanka, bringing back the white van terror of the decade. An officer of the visa section of the Swiss Embassy in Sri Lanka has been abducted a day before yesterday 25th by an armed white van gang in Colombo.

The armed has questioned as how Nishantha Silva was granted visa..

On her way home from the embassy on Tuesday evening, a white van carrying armed men has abducted her near her home. She was questioned in the van for nearly three hours about how CID OIC Inspector Nishantha de Silva, who fled to Switzerland with his family was granted visa and who has helped him to get visa to flee to Switzerland. Nishantha Silva was a OIC attached to the CID who was investigating crimes of Gotabaya during the ten year decade of vandalism during 2005 – 2015.

The kidnappers had seized her mobile..

The specialty of this is that after the abduction of the visa officer, she was not detained anywhere but continue to drive during the entire interrogation. The kidnappers had seized her mobile phone and copied the data. She was later released.

The Swiss Embassy has lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department and has informed all countries at the diplomatic level.

Following the removal of Shani Abeysekara from the CID a SSP who was in charge of the security of Mahinda Rajapaksa for a long time W. Thilakarathne has been appointed as the director CID. Despite W. Thilakarathne while in charge of VIP security was bum sucking Mahinda Rajapaksa to his maximum and do not know nothing about criminal investigation. However there will be no investigation carried out about the complaint.

Foreign diplomats have been shocked..

Meantime the Swiss ambassador is scheduled to meet Prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and discuss about the abduction. 

The government alleges that it was a conspiracy to embarrass the government

During the 2005 – 2015 decade of vandalism foreign embassies were not severely affected. Foreign diplomats have been shocked by this incident.

The government's response to the incident is that it was a conspiracy by evil elements to embarrass the government. But it is they who boast that tbe security of the country is endorsed after Gotabhaya's arrival.

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