Field Marshal post with Lifetime cabinet powers for General Sarath Fonseka..!

(Lanka-e-News -11.March.2015, 11.45PM) The good governance government has decided to promote Gen. Sarath Fonseka, leader of the Democratic Party, to the ranking of a Field Marshal and grant him privileges and powers of a cabinet minister, according to reports reaching Lanka e News.

President Maithripala Sirisena has given his grand approval for the reinstatement of retired Gen. Gardihewa Sarath Chandralal Fonseka in active service and his promotion to the Field Marshal ranking on March 22.
The Defence Ministry says he will be given the ranking in recognition of his service to negate all possibilities of a division of the Sri Lankan nation, his leadership to protect the motherland as a unitary country, while subjecting himself to the bullets of the enemy on three occasions, placing the country before his life and committing everything he has for the motherland and courageously and bravely facing all the severe challenges in the face of his obligation to safeguard the territorial integrity of the country, and protecting the motherland.

Five-star General ranking

The Field Marshal ranking is equal to a five-star General, and a person holding that ranking is considered to be in active service for the lifetime.

It is an honorary position, and it does not involve any operational or administrative responsibilities.

A Field Marshal will not be an officer governed by the Army Act.

Freedom to engage in politics

A Field Marshal also has the freedom to engage in democratic politics, a right enjoyed by all independent citizens of the country.

Also, that ranking will be equal to a cabinet minister.

Powers and privileges

As a Field Marshal, Mr. Fonseka will be entitled to the following powers and privileges.
1.    To receive a guard of honour from four officers and 150 other ranks

2.    To receive an all inclusive lifetime salary

3.    To maintain an office and staff for the lifetime

4.    The funeral of a Field Marshal will take place with full military honours, including a 21 gun salute

5.    Will receive the following facilities enjoyed by a serving General
a)    An official residence
b)    Security with an adequate number of officers
c)    Army-provided transport facilities equal to those given to military chiefs

6.    The widow of a Field Marshal will receive the same salary and allowance and will be allowed to live in the official residence for her lifetime

-Courtesy to Sri Lanka Mirror-

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At last a great news! He deserves this and more. Right honor to a great hero. Sri Lankans still have the feelings of gratitude.
-- by Malcolm William on 2015-03-11

I orchestrated all the harassing, arrest, imprisonment, and forfeitures of civil rights to Sarath because I knew if I didn't do all that he will not be getting all this attention, 5 star promotion, and privileges. At last it all happened the way I planned. I hope you understand that I am not a monster after all.
-- by Gotabhaya on 2015-03-11

Congratulations! Justice prevails and may this be the beginning for same in the future.
-- by Priya on 2015-03-12

he deserves what has been given and more ,no other officer suffered as much he did ,and he is the most responsible officer to defeat the tigers well don sir.
-- by duleep obeyesekere on 2015-03-12

The Government has gone overboard with this hullabaloo. This is like saying that this guy took all the bullets, and rest of the country were living in luxury, without making any sacrifice whatsoever. Life time salary and office with staff also for lifetime? Has Sirisena gone mad? I suppose army brigadiers will be emptying his bed pan when the fellow is bed-ridden.
-- by Navin on 2015-03-12

Congratulations! You deserve all the honour.may god bless you!
-- by jaya on 2015-03-12

The Grand Old Field Marshall Oh, the Grand old Field Marshall He had ten thousand men He marched them up to the top of the hill, And marched them down again. When they were up, they were up, When they were down, they were down, When they were only half-way up, They were neither up nor down. Oh, he marched them to the left He marched them to the right He even marched them upside-down Oh, what a grand sight! He marched them to the left He marched them to the right He marched them 'round and 'round again And then straight out of sight.
-- by cassandra on 2015-03-13

Congratulations general I am very happy to here this & you deserved this position. keep it up.
-- by Jayantha Gamage. on 2015-03-17

How is this different from any of the things that MR did for his favourites ? And what means Cabinet Privileges ? Was SF elected to a seat in order to become a member of Cabinet ? No doubt he led a brilliant campaign. But so have many other's in many other wars.
-- by Kondaya on 2015-04-07

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