King Kekille has not done what this comedy commission is doing -Karu

(Lanka-e-News -04,Feb.2021, 11.30PM) Mr. Karu Jayasuriya, chairman of the National Movement for a Just Society, said that the recommendations of the Presidential Commission to Investigate Political Revenge had not been made by King Kekille and that Deputy Solicitor General Thusitha Mudalige, who was recommended for punishment, was currently in a battle between life and death. He was speaking at a media briefing at the Janaki Hotel in Colombo yesterday (03). 

''If you look at the history of any country, one would realise that many mistakes would have been made but if the future of a country is to be righteous, it is essential to learn from those mistakes and make sure that they aren't repeated.

Heinous crime purposefully committed against our nation..

If we as a country know that we have committed mistakes in the past and are well aware of its consequences but are prepared to commit the same mistakes again, it is our grave misfortune. 

If so, it is a heinous crime purposefully committed against our nation.

In 1978, the JR Jayewardene government, backed by a 5/6 majority, was preparing to abolish the civic rights of Sirimavo Bandaranaike by appointing a special Presidential Commission. Even though it was approved in Parliament, we remember how most sections of the society denounced that move. Members within the government itself voiced their opinions against it and several people including Gamini Dissanayake took the lead in this regard.

But 40 years later, we never imagined that we would get to witness such anti-democratic attempts again.

The people who voted for this government gave their mandate expecting a clean and transparent government but no one would have expected them to resort to such vindictive actions. Even we didn’t expect such actions. Today, however, we are witnessing the emergence of that tragic moment that could have far-reaching consequences.

Various pro-government organisations such as Viyathmaga, Eliya and Yuthukama promised the people a democratic government which would lead by example. That is why 6.9 million people voted for the incumbent President in the last presidential election.Today though, such expectations seem to have faded.

That is why many of those who represented the 6.9 million people who had laid the foundation for the present regime to get into power are now in shock. They are asking us to intervene to save the country from this impending catastrophe.

Dictatorship before the next election..

This press conference is being held today after taking into account the demands and protests of various sections of the society.

We can clearly see the motives of the government now. They want to pave the way for a dictatorship before the next election by abolishing the civic rights of a select group of leading personalities across the opposition, including the Samagi Jana Balawegaya, the United National Party, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna and the Tamil National Alliance.

Many can say a lot about the allegations leveled against certain members of the opposition during the previous administration. However, it should be clearly stated that the government is paving the way for political revenge openly.

Many have pointed out that the report of the Presidential Commission to Investigate Political Victimisation, which was handed over to His Excellency the President recently, is an insult to the judiciary. This is especially the case with legal experts and many others. It is clear from that final report of the Commission on Political Victimisation that an attempt is being made to destroy some of the most honest public servants in this country, including leading politicians.

'King Kekille' could not have done such a thing...

The recommendations made by this Commission are being ridiculed by the public. We should take note of this fact even with reservations. The Commission has proposed to exonerate those who have been accused and who have ongoing court cases. Further, they have recommended to punish those who have made complaints against the accused.

Even the legendary 'King Kekille' could not have done such a thing. However, the Commission's report has accused 22 people and recommended the release of respondents in 79 cases from charges and accusations filed against them. It has also recommended the prosecution of those who have filed the complaints.

The Attorney General has instructed that in many cases, the Commission's report proposes to acquit the accused and punish the plaintiffs. It should also be noted that the decision to initiate anti-corruption investigations by the previous government was after it received Cabinet approval.

It is not our duty to comment on the qualifications of the members of this Commission, but it should be noted that the public has divergent views regarding this.

At the same time, we don't intend to pay any less attention to the political leaders who are being earmarked to be punished or be stripped of their civic rights by this Commission. 

However, we would like to draw your attention to the many talented, dedicated and honest public servants who the Commission has proposed to take legal action against. In this case, it is our duty to mention at least two of them. 

Deputy Solicitor General and SSP Shani..

Deputy Solicitor General Thusith Mudalige is one of them. He can be described as an accomplished, honest, apolitical public servant. Today, he is unconscious and is being treated in intensive care. He was subjected to immense stress in the past. He is engaged in a battle between life and death. 

The other officer is SSP Shani Abeysekera. He is an excellent police officer. In recent times, many mysteries have been uncovered through his skill including murders and robberies. A Director of the INTERPOL once described him as one of the world's greatest police officers. But because of some honest investigations, the powers that be have opposed him. Photos of the rooms and old furniture in the rented house where he lives even to this day were recently published in the media. It shows the ordinary life he led. But there was also a section that asked for his blood.

Above all, we understood the cruel nature of these motives after realising that he was deprived of the allowances that were due to him even after it was recommended by the Police Commission. Officials responsible for this should be ashamed. In the name of humanity, we demand that they provide those allowances that he is legally entitled to.

We defending the independence of the judiciary..

The National Movement for Social Justice mentions these facts because we understand that defending the independence of the judiciary is crucial at this moment.

We will always stand by justice, fairness and humanity . As an organisation, we have neither a hidden agenda nor any political goals.

I hope that the authorities will pay attention to these views expressed with good intentions while reminding them that the entire country is on alert regarding these developments.''

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