If anyone thinks that the Rajapaksa regime, armed with wealth, power and heavy weapons, can be defeated with a slingshot..!

Keerthi Rathnayake reports

(Lanka-e-News- 24.March.2021, 6.30PM) The loss of leaders including late president Premadasa, Lalith and Gamini caused irreparable damage to the UNP. The damage was so large that a UNP president could not be elected after Premadasa until today. That is, for the last 32 years the country has been ruled by presidents who are hostile to the UNP. Although UNP barely managed to form governments in 2002 and 2015, the presidents elected were UNP enemies. Therefore, those governments did not exist. The UNP government formed in 2002 with Chandrika as President did not last more than two years. The same fate befell the UNP government formed in 2015 with Sirisena as President. The UNP its credibility due to the idiotic agreement made with Sirisena.

UNP alliance governments and the Rajapaksa alliance dominated by wealth and power

The main reason for the demise of the UNP, the single largest political party in Sri Lanka, was their failure to act heroically with the alliance governments they formed. The UNP has washed away for the past three decades. Although the Rajapaksas formed alliance governments, they were able to strengthen its camp. The Rajapaksas destroyed businessmen, journalists and diplomats who were uncertain to them. Kotelawala, Kadirgamar, Lasantha, the evidences of those who were destructed. The Rajapaksas created and tamed a new business network and media for themselves. Soft logic Pathirage, Avant Garde Senadipathi, Derana Dilith, Hiru Reno, Neth Nihal Epa, Pyramid Sajath etc., list of Rajapaksa is not short. The Rajapaksas established a pro-Rajapakse business network not only in the capital but also locally.

Derana and Hiru have no plans to 'hijack' political parties, but Sirasa has..

Even if a bush is hit pro Rajapaksa businessmen are thrown out in dozens. But there are few businessmen who are loyal to Sajith and Ranil. Kili is a major sponsor of the anti Rajapaksa camp.   But Killy Maharaja is different from Dilith and Reno. Kilis goal is not just business deals. He wants to take complete control of the political party he sponsors. Hiru and Derana never want to to seize power of Pohottuwa. They did not go to change the leaders of political parties.

Although Sirasa Mahharajah played a media role in the anti Rajapaksa camp, the devastation inflicted on its own camp by the hidden hope of power was immense. Kili Maharaja's actions greatly influenced the split of the UNP. This situation is sure to affect Sajith and his party as well. Sajith must either dance to Kilis tune or be prepared to face the same fate as Ranil. Just as Prabakaran was forcibly became the sole representative of the Tamil people, so too is Kili looking for a media and business monopoly.

Suicide attack against the good governance..

Sirasa Maharaja does not like the formation of another pro-UNP media outlet. This is due to the declining bargaining power of Sirasa Maharaja. Under good governance, Arjuna Aloysius' money laid the foundation for a pro-UNP media giant. Sirasa Maharaja along with then President Sirisena hindered the plan. Moreover, Sirasa Maharaja was an instrumental in turning the bond scam into a political tsunami. Sirisena and Kili Maharaja conspired to appoint a bond commission and tried to oust Ranil from the premiership. Together with Maharaja, Sirisena called for the banning of Lanka e News and the endless prosecution of its editor. The late Hemantha Warnakulasuriya, Kilis lawyer, spoke freely in those cases.  It was Lanka e news which thwarted the Russian warship deal with Maharaja and Sirisena. Kili Maharjah’s plan is to destruct when someone when not tamed. Kili tried to weaken Ranil, who was not tamed to him. In the end, the good governance was destructed by the surplus bond scam publicity planted by kili against Ranil.

The Rajapaksas always secure the businessmen who help them..

The current government's coconut oil, sugar, and cigarette fraud Rs. 6000 million is nearly five times as much as the the bond scam. Gotanduwa says it is not a 'fraud' but a 'loss'. The Gota government does not appoint commissions to probe them. The finance minister was not sent home stating he made a loss to the government.

Nearly Rs.5000 million from the sugar and coconut oil deal went into Sajath Mawsoons pocket. Sajath is a friend of Basil. The latter is a friend of Gotabhaya too. He was a man who spent lavishly to defeat the good governance. Gota government is entangled with businessmen like the bark with the tree. Despite the billions of rupees lost in the sugar-coconut and oil scam, not a single hair of Sajath Mawsoon has been harmed.

The Opposition has many lessons to learn from Rajapaksa politics..

Government change in a country does not happen overnight. There is a huge cost behind it. Ravi Karunanayake was a major contributor to the 2002 and 2015 revolutions. Ravi Karunanayake was a dynamic character in capital politics. Arjun Aloysious invested nearly Rs.600 million to build a media network for the UNP party. These were invested from the profits from the sale of bonds. However the UNP was unable to retain pro-UNP businessmen.

Aloysiuos' Perpetual Treasuries did not get the same immunity as Entrust securities, which sold bonds during the Rajapaksa era. Ravi did not get the immunity that Finance Minister Mahinda got. Aloysious did not have the immunity that Sajath Mawsoon got. If anyone thinks that the Rajapaksa camp, armed with wealth, power and heavy weapons, can be defeated with a slingshot, they will have to wait a long time.

Rajapaksa's plan to divide the opposition..

Dividing the opposition is one of the main tactics used by the Rajapaksas. A special high court has been set up by the Gota government to hear the bond scam happened during the good governance. Former Finance Minister Ravi was remanded. It was not what Ranil had hoped for. As soon this was heard Ranil went to Ravi's house. Ranil said the fate that befell Ravi was the most emotional event he had faced in his political career. The sympathy of UNP supporters for the consequences of the bond will further strengthen the dividing line against Sajith.

The bond would be more of a waste than a lawsuit against the backdrop of the acquittal of Entrust securities, Sajath Mawsoon, Sajin Vas, Johnston, Rohitha and Mahindananda. If Ravi and Aloysiuos are found guilty, Kili-Sajith-Sirisena, who turned the bond scam into a political turmoil, will become the hatred of UNP supporters. In such a backdrop, it would be difficult to unite the UNP and the SJB. In such as atmosphere the Rajapakse's plan to divide the opposition will succeed.

Keerthi Ratnayake

Former army intelligence officer

Translated by Robinhood

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