Examinations department too is to be privatized..!

(Lanka-e-News - 31.March.2021, 11.00PM) It is reported to Lanka e News that for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, the Department of Examinations is going to be privatized. The move taken to privatize is a highly secretive and sensitive section of the Examinations Department, which, if left unverified, could certainly lead to larger corruption.

These days the Examinations Department is eaamining the GCE Advanced Level and Ordinary Level answer scripts. The marks and data will be computerized by the Department of Examinations within but from now on the Commissioner General of Examinations B. Sanath Poojitha has decided to hand it over to a private company data entry. Officials of the department have objected to this decision but the Commissioner General is scheduled to conduct a preliminary test today 31st.

Another suspicion here is that no one knows what private company is going to hand over these data entries. Sanath Poojitha once said that it would be handed over to a university. Whether it is a university or a private company, the fact is transferring of the true datas of the students who sat for the exams from the examination department would create a situation where massive corruption can take place.

Institutions in the country have been deteriorating rapidly since Gota government came to power. The best example of this is the issuance of fake quality reports by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Standards, allowing carcinogenic coconut oil to enter the country. Accordingly, the SLS certificate issued by the Bureau of Standards will no longer receive any international recognition. Sanath Pujitha of the Examinations Department is going to drag the country into a similar predicament. If this happens, the international recognition of the examination certificates issued by the Department of Examinations in Sri Lanka will surely fall to zero.

A prosperous country we lived - a pit where we fell

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