GMOA doctors have two or three husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, mothers in law and fathers I laws, Padeniyas in serious corruption in vaccination, here is the evidence

-Chandrapradeep exposes

(Lanka-e-News - 2021.May.25, 11.30PM) Lanka e News has received evidence that Dr. Padeniya’s GMOA doctors Association has been involved in a serious Kovid vaccine corruption. This is not only heinous corruption but also serious misconduct that should be punished by law.

Sri Lanka was the first country to receive the Covshield astrazeneca vaccine and it was vaccinated first to the health sector. Almost every country in the world, the first vaccines were given to health workers who were fighting the virus face to face. Accordingly, the first vaccination was started vacinating to a specialist in the field of health in Sri Lanka.

Although doctors, nurses, and other health officials need to be vaccinated, the vaccination of people, such as public health officials, who have been battling the virus at the grassroots level, is still not over. The Public Health Inspectors Association, the Allied Health Services United Front, the Public Service United Nurses Association and the Complementary Medical Services Association yesterday 25th protested against the recent decision of the Ministry of Health giving the second vaccine against Kovid to doctors working in government hospitals and their families. They have also started a token strike.

Corruption during vaccination..

In spite of this, the Padeniyala Goma (GMOA) doctors Association has taken steps to vaccinate not only the members and families of their association but also their relatives and other strangers in administering the first vaccine.

The family of a doctor consists of the doctor and the wife or husband and children. (Small and young children are not considered a priority because the virus is not deadly) The mother and father of one of the two may also be living with them. But it is a lie to say that mother, father, mother-in-law and father-in-law all live in the same family. Such events may be accidental. But all those who have been given vaccination are their spouses, mothers, fathers, mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law.

The most serious vaccine contamination is surprising..

This is not the most serious corruption here. Many Goma (GMOA) members have been vaccinated with two husbands, two wives, two mothers, two fathers, two mothers-in-law and two fathers-in-law. Welimada Base Hospital 'B.G.C.S.M. Goma doctor 'Banagala' has taken a step ahead and vaccinated by naming three fathers, three mothers-in-law and three fathers-in-law.It is noteworthy that the vast majority involved in vaccination corruption are Goma doctors.

How can one person get vaccinated three times a day?

Here the names of the three are stated as one person’s identity card number in the same day. Isn’t this serious corruption? One person is not given two or three vaccinations per day. By stating as such did the Goma doctors sell those vaccines, if not to whom it was injected. How can the second dose be given to those who have been vaccinated when the correct name and village are not registered? How do they register to be vaccinated? Where is the digital injection card of Namal, to whom it was distributed?

A responsible trade union, such as the Government Medical Officers' Association, should immediately launch an investigation into such injection fraud and serious corruption. Padeniya and other vile officials are responsible for this corruption.

Below are some of the evidence for the relevant corruptions...

1.      D.A. Peshali Wickramasinghe, a doctor at the Hingurakgoda Military Hospital has two mothers and two fathers, two husbands. (No names of husbands)

2.      Udeshini Somasiri, a doctor at the Avissawella Hospital, has two mothers, two fathers and two husbands.

3.      S.A.S. Dilankani, a doctor at the Maharagama Apeksha Hospital, has three mothers and three fathers.

4.      E.N.O. B. Silva, The doctor at the Gampaha Hospital named Bhagya Silva has two mothers, two fathers and two husbands.

5.      J.A. Hiranthi S. Wijesekera, a doctor at the Gampaha Hospital, has two mothers, two fathers and one mother-in-law.

6.      Dr. R.M. Iresha P. Ratnayake has 2 husbands.

7.      Anuji U. Gamage, a doctor lecturer at the Kandawala Defense Hospital has two husbands, two mothers, two fathers, two mothers-in-law and two fathers-in-law.

8.      Subodhi Pinto is the ENT doctor of Negombo Hospital has two mothers, two fathers and two husbands.

9.      The doctor at the Negombo Hospital named Naomi Fonseka has two mothers, two fathers, two mothers-in-law, two fathers-in-law and two husbands.

10.     Dr. W. Anupama Gamage is a doctor at Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital has two mothers, two fathers, two mothers-in-law, two fathers-in-law and two husbands.

Although only the above ten cases of corruption are stated here, the GMOA  vaccination has many such heinous incidents. The full list can be read in the document below.



Translated by Robinhood

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