Distributing wedding cards at the funeral..! SJB seniors in a no-confidence motion against Sajith

-By a special correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -28.May.2021, 5.40AM)  Sri Lanka is on the verge of a catastrophe in the face of the corona epidemic. Fear of death has come close to every citizen. More than 700,000 people have lost their jobs. Farmers are unable to sell their harvest and the consumers suffer with short supply. Thousands of corona patients are in critical stages of pneumonia. Hospital capacity has exceeded. Corona patients do not have sufficient  ICU beds and oxygen.  The government declaration of the number of corona deaths per day in the country is completely false. It is equivalent to the number of deaths in a single hospital in a day. These are not our figures but the doctors on duty. .  The World Health Organization has named Sri Lanka as a HIGH RISK country. Sri Lanka ranked as the third most dangerous country on the deadly list.

in this juncture the conducting of   "12th Commemoration of military's seemingly unreasonable. Gotabhaya's action is nothing but similar to 'distribution of wedding cards at a funeral.  The Leader of the Opposition also participated in this event. That is, Sajith Premadasa also contributed to the tragedy of distributing wedding cards at funerals. It is disgusting to celebrate the military victory  of one community when the country is on the brink of a catastrophe. However, it is reported that participating in the war victory ceremony was not a SJB party decision but a decision taken by Sajith himself. Further the day before the ceremony, a group of senior members of the party had suggested that the 'victory celebration' was not appropriate in the prevailing situation. Sajith seemed to endorse the opinion of the seniors, but  the very next day he has gone to  the victory celebrations together with his wife Jalani

Similar incidents took place the day before Independence day. At that time  Sri Lanka had fallen victim to the second wave of covid 19, on the other hand, Gotabaya was involved in establishing the groundworks of the Hitler-style regime. Meanwhile, Rajitha Senaratne has said the Independence Day celebrations should be boycotted as a  protest of the imprisonment of Ranjan Ramanayake, the arrest of 47 social media activists, including journalists, and the Colombo port eastern terminal issue. Many seniors in Sajith's team also endorsed and agreed with  Rajitha's idea. Shajith nodded to the decision but the following day  he visited the Independence Day celebrations with Jalani as usual.

On the 19th May Sajith, celebrated the war victory with Rajapakshas and on the 20th morning he burned the port city bill to please the gallery at the parliament entrance. More importantly, Sajith failed to come up with a practical and meaningful alternative. These silly activities would be more welcome to JVP  and Champika who say that the country cannot be taken forward by a mere change of government. Now most of the SJB  seniors are worried about the childish culture and duplicity of Sajith and have decided to warn Sajith. Accordingly, they have decided to file a no-confidence motion against Sajith. Preliminary rounds of discussions on this have been concluded and a senior SJB member revealed the allegations against Sajith are as follows.

1. Although  Sajith has appointed a set of new officers to the party, subtly tied their hands and confined them to a narrow scope. Tissa Attanayake was appointed as the National Organizer of the party, but  he was not even allowed to print membership cards to recruit new 

2.  The Easter attack was the main factor which brought this government to power. Some said the Easter attack would be the most despicable presidential campaign in history. There are many suspicious places. Nevertheless, two years after the government came to power, nothing has been done about the Easter attack. More ever as the leader of opposition  Sajith has not taken a decisive stand on the Easter attack. Further without the consent of the party, unilaterally Sajith stated  that,  we are to accept the responsibility of the Easter attack.

3. Being eye of the storm Harin, Manusha, Nalin, Hector and Ashok have revealed vulnerable points on the Easter attack. Seemingly it was eye-opening. . Meanwhile, web news was published that Sajith had influenced the MPs who had made decisive comments on the Easter attack. Subsequently, Sajith passed a resolution in the party stating that he had not influenced anyone. It's an event like 'Puhul Hora Karen Dane'

4.  Acting as a dictator was one of the most serious allegations against Sajith's father. It is now clear that Sajith is following in his father's footsteps. Sajith is a disguised dictator. But obviously today the opposition needs NOT a 'one-man show'  but a leader who can reconcile all factions.

5. The country is now at risk of an epidemic. It is basically a health issue. In playing the role of the Opposition in relation to the corona situation, priority should be given to a professional such as a doctor who is in the Opposition. The manner in which Sajith Premadasa has been demonstrated is unprofessional.  It is second to none in Gotabhaya's attitude.

6. The leader should be a profound one who thinks about the team, not someone who brags about " I ". The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things. But Sajith lacks leadership qualities. Further, he is very reluctant to develop leadership qualities.

7. Nepotism and sectarianism were the most serious allegations against the Rajapaksa's and Ranil. Those negative traits are no less present in Sajith. At present, the political decisions of the SJB are taken by a family circle that   Jalani, Lakshman Fonseka, Hema and Hemani and not by the elected representatives. It is evident peoples mandate is disregarded.  

8. The ' Deal politics ''  was one of the main allegations against Ranil. In the case of Sajith, it has been doubled and tripled. Now Sajith is not the only one making deals with the Rajapaksas. It has become clear that Jalani, Hema and Dulanjali are all involved in deals with the Rajapaksas. 

9.  The suspicion that Sajith split the UNP  under the contract of Basil Rajapaksas is haunting many.  Further, Sajith has so far failed to enter the task of uniting the opposition. 

10. Today,  Leaders of two Muslim parties have been arrested. Hijaz Hezbollah, a lawyer, has been kept under close arrest since long. A Muslim poet and a social media activist have been jailed. None of them are IS terrorists. But Leader of the opposition   Sajith stayed as mute spectator. He deliberately ignored the issues and aspirations of the minorities. So far Sajith has not even gone to meet the Tamils and  Muslims  in the North and East who voted for him the most in the presidential election

It is learned that, the SJB seniors has been noticed Sajith Premadasa that they willing to move more serious action  in case no development 

-By a special correspondent

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