Duty free vehicle license bribe before the election..! A wonderful work of the brainless Finance Minister, when there is a shortage of dollars..!

(Lanka-e-News -03.Aug.2021, 5.10AM) The most uneducated finance minister in the world and the brainless man is preparing to issue duty free vehicle import licenses to 1000 government officials and 80 shameless monks ahead of the upcoming provincial council elections. 

At the moment there is a shortage of foreign exchange. US dollar has crossed the 250 Rs in the black market due to this situation. This brainless man is hoping to give such a vehicle privilege only to the limited officials and monks to win the election through the Election Commission in a corrupt manner, which is already being filled by their henchmen.  Brainless finance minister would have thought, by offering 1000 vehicles to the officials who are frustrated with the government, that they could turn their brains.

Brainless man was the unofficial most powerful person who handled the Sri Lankan economy even before he took over the Ministry of Finance. By taking over the ministry he gained official status. Nearly two years after the government took office, the Central Banks’s dollar reserves are going down faster. Brainless man’s and his uneducated team’s economy   policies have pushed Sri Lanka to this level.

Businesses that used to be a source of income for tens of thousands in Sri Lanka have been shut down. This has happened due to the dollar shortage. The importation of cars/ three wheelers/ motorcycles were stopped. Thousands of those who worked in them have lost their jobs and lost the incomes as well. The car sales which were on Galle Road at that time now closed down and given on rent for food shops. Motorcycle showrooms are full of flies.  Sri Lanka has become like Zimbabwe.

Even so, how foolish is it to spend the meager foreign reserves of dollars on 1000 government officials and shameless 80 monks? How can the government, which says it will wait for the budget to increase teacher’s salaries, get money for these bribes?  It is not a surprise on one hand, because this government spends billions to beautify 100 cities instead of beautifying poor people’s lives. At the same time, the importation of vehicles of MPs and ministers, which have been postponed, may also take place in secret.

By a Special Correspondent

by     (2021-08-02 23:47:11)

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