Mortuaries filled: Corpse in corridors; Yes, the health system has broken down..! -Says a doctor

(Lanka-e-News -05.Aug.2021, 11.45 AM) This note is being written at a time when the fourth wave of "unofficial" Covid is sweeping our entire country.

The adjective 'unofficial' has to be used because the seriousness of this is not given to the people by the media in our country. Because the people of our country think that what is shown on TV is the real situation in the country.

But the situation in the country is tens of thousands of times worse than what is shown on TV. In short, the situation in Sri Lanka is more serious than in India.

As you are aware, for the first time in the history of our country, two major teaching hospitals (Karapitiya and Ratnapura) declared a situation of emergency yesterday (04). An "emergency" is when the hospital can no longer accommodate new patients due to inability to carry capacity.

A hospital is an emergency when it does the best it can and can't get out of there. A hospital has to be closed like this due to the reporting of Covid patients in almost every ward of the hospital, the significant number of Covid health workers working in the hospital becoming Covid positive, the influx of new patients into the hospital unbearably and the failure of all systems including facilities, tests and laboratory services.

The hospital where I currently work is also in this situation. Many more hospitals in the country will be in this situation in the next few days.

The mortuaries are full..!

From there you can see people falling dead on the roads as you saw in India recently. Because you have not seen so many dead bodies piled up on the roads. It all happened in the hospital for so long. By now the mortuaries of many of our leading hospitals are full. Bodies often pile up at the end of a corridor.

By now, all the hotels in and around the country's capital Colombo have been converted into Covid treatment centers. In fact, even ICUs have been set up inside hotels. It's all over and done with. ICU beds are not limited, the number of ICU beds is actually zero at the moment. That means we can no longer afford ICU facilities.

The heart of the country - the Colombo National Hospital is on the verge of collapse. Its physical ward complex is now reserved for Covid. The situation in hospitals elsewhere in the country is similar.

The number of patients cannot be counted...

It is difficult to even count the number of new patients found. In fact, out of every 500 PCR tests performed so far, at least 350 are positive. In some places, even PCR kits are out of order.

So in a nutshell, we're broken. So far we have managed to catch three Covid rallies with some difficulty. But this time a lot harder.

So protect yourself as much as you can. Because the country will not be locked down again often. (I think). You will have to go to work on the train and bus. Be as safe as possible.

We are so helpless...

The only hope we have at the moment is that the vaccine will happen fast. Get your vaccine without fail. Do not think twice about it. You are not safe just by getting vaccinated. You can still get Covid disease. So be more careful than ever.

I can't remember anything more to say at this time. Because we are so helpless.

Maybe you're the victim tomorrow, maybe I'm writing this note.

Be careful.., a lot...!

- Dr. E -

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