The garment industry too is ruined due to Yoshitha's stupid work..!

-LeN Temple Trees Correspondent writes

(Lanka-e-News, 23.Dec.2021, 9.45 pm) Many of the leading manufacturers in the Sri Lankan apparel industry manufacture for international labels. Many world famous outfits like Tommy, Gap, Polo, Nike, Levi's, Victoria's Secret are made in Sri Lanka. Our country had this opportunity due to the low labour market and the proliferation of skilled workers due to a long standing business. But during the Rajapaksa regime of 2005-2015, the loss of GSP + concessions led to the relocation of many of our garment factories to countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Brand rights ...

World renowned brands send all their accessories such as design, fashion design, fabric, yarn, buttons etc. to Sri Lanka, using only Sri Lankan labour to manufacture readymade garments with those brands. The release of these products to the Sri Lankan market is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to take even a piece of cloth out of the factory. If such a thing happens, the garment factory owners are very careful about the risk of losing the order.

Although there are instances where product defects and quality control failures are labelled as 'Stock Lots' and released to the local market, there is no opportunity to sell them in the local market with designated brand labels. Products that are not up to standard will be allowed to be released to the local market after about 2 years, even if the brand is cut off. This is because it has to happen after the expiration of the design of those products.

Rajapaksa family's stupid work ..

But now Sri Lankan buyers are able to buy them with designated brand labels. Whatever devastation befell that country, it was because of the stupid work of the Rajapaksa family who thought only of their own advantage. But it is certain that the garment industry which brings foreign exchange to the country will be destroyed.

As this writer mentioned in an earlier report, all the supplies at Temple Trees now go through the business of Nitisha Jayasekara alias Yoshitha's wife. Not only the advertisements of all the banks and government agencies but also the cakes provided for the banquets at the government functions are supplied through the aforementioned Nitisha's companies.

Nitisha's Numa Concept Stores ..

Nitisha Jayasekara's latest business, ''Numa Concept Stores'', located at 260 Torrington Avenue, Colombo 7, now sells world-renowned branded apparel products. It's not just that.

Speaking to senior officials of the island's leading garment manufacturing companies recently, Yoshitha ordered his wife's business to give their garment products. Yoshitha did not allow the businessmen to speak a word.

From the next day onwards, several of Yoshitha's naval henchmen went and brought in internationally labelled garment products from the relevant factories, using military force alone with the political power of the Rajapaksas.

The garment industry is doomed..

This heinous act will soon result in the loss of international brand orders received by apparel businesses that can barely make a few dollars to the collapsing country.

If the GSP + ban is reactivated tomorrow, the remaining garment factories will be destroyed, in line with decisions taken by the European Union and the United States.

Just as the Rajapaksas allowed the export of their henchmen's waste tea under the "Ceylon Tea" brand and completely destroyed our tea industry, so must the garment industry inherit an untimely death.

-LeN Temple Trees Correspondent

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