Mass pressure erupts in Colombo 7, near PM's Office..!

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(Lanka-e-News -31.Dec.2021, 11.40 am) The present severe public pressure in Sri Lanka, which was bankrupted by the Rajapaksas, erupted for the first time yesterday (30) at near the Prime Minister's office in Colombo 7. That was a gas robbery.

There is a gas station that distributes gas not far from the Prime Minister's Office on Flower Road, Colombo 7. There have been long queues for gas in the last few days, but not everyone has enough gas to sell. People had been queuing for a long time to get gas last evening (30). A truck carrying gas arrived. It was obvious that the number of gas tanks there was not enough for the people in the queue. The mob surrounded the truck, forcibly took about 25 gas tanks and fled without paying.

Due to the shortage of essential commodities in the country and the skyrocketing prices of existing commodities, it is very justifiable for the affected people to plunder goods. That's fair. It is only natural that this robbery, which started in Colombo 7 today, will spread across the country tomorrow.

The beginning of a people's struggle is near. Victory to the people ..!

Here are some photos of the gas robbery at Colombo 7 Flower Road

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