The first overseas "Gota Go Village" is established in London..! Invitations to the Tamil Diaspora too..!!

(Lanka-e-News-30.April.2022, 11.30 pm) A youth struggle began on the Galle face green to overthrow the ignorant and rogue Rajapaksa family rule that turned a wonderful country into a bankrupt country within 30 months. One of its turning points was the "Gota Go Village" that was established there. After expanding to the local city level, it has now expanded to the international arena. At present 'Gota Go Gama' branches have been established locally, Galle, Kandy, Badulla, Matara and Ratnapura.

Accordingly, a 'Gota Go Village' has now been established in front of the British Parliament in London. Tomorrow (May 1st) there will be a massive campaign and the organizers are inviting all Sri Lankans in Britain to participate, regardless of race, religion, caste or political affiliation.

In particular, the expatriate Tamil Diaspora, which has so far distanced itself from the campaigns to end the Rajapaksa regime abroad, has been openly invited to participate.

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