2000 organizations ready for island wide hartal..! If Gota and the government do not go, the continuous battle will start from 11th.. !!

(Lanka-e-News-2022.May.04, 7.25 pm) The trade unions and civil society organizations are all set to launch a 24-hour hartal day after tomorrow (May 06) demanding the government, including the President, to step down.

If the government does not respond to the hartal and the island-wide joint strike, the trade union coordination center says it will continue the strike until the government goes home and the continuous hartal will begin on May 11.

More than 2,000 unions and civil society organizations have expressed support for the hartal. It includes hundreds of unions in the health, transportation, railways, electricity, and education sectors.

Hartal train stops. Put black flags on houses too ..

In support of tomorrow's hartal and strike action, trains will be suspended for 24 hours from 12.00 midnight tomorrow (May 05).

The Trade Union Coordinating Center is urging the business community to close their shops and join the protest.

Vehicle horn with sound offerings in religious places for 1/2 hour.

The Trade Union Coordinating Center also requests that sound worship services be held at all places of worship from 8.30 am to 9.00 am, and that the horns of oncoming vehicles be sounded continuously from 8.30 am to 9.00 am, and that black flags be hoisted in front of houses.

The Hartal Committee has also made two demands that people should gather on the nearest road, in the city, and collectively prepare the necessary food along the road, refrain from wearing uniforms in the provision of essential services, and dress in black as much as possible.

Two things that should never be done..

Accordingly, the Trade Union Coordinating Center announces that it will not allow any harm or violence to be done to the detriment of public property. Ravi Kumudesh, co-convener of the Trade Union Coordinating Center, said:

"The success of this hartal will accelerate the expulsion of the government and ensure the victory of the people's struggle in this country," he said.

They also allege that the government is preparing to sacrifice the Prime Minister to protect its power.

"We tell the government to go home, in this struggle of the working class and the people as a whole. If not, we hope to take a number of other measures. We hope to bring more than 100,000 people to Colombo next week."

What happens to hospital care services?

The unions have unanimously decided to boycott all healthcare staff, except medical officers, from 7am on May 6 for 24 hours.

The health unions said that all essential and life-saving services were being provided and that a special program was being implemented to minimize inconvenience to the public.

The Association of Health Professionals urged the public not to come to hospitals that day for non-essential general care services.

Protests will be held in front of the Ministry of Health and hospitals from 9 am on the 6th.

-Trade Union Coordinating Center

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