Mara has gone - even Gora cannot stay without going.!

(Lanka-e-News -17.May.2022, 6.25PM) The political criticism leveled against Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is that he has resigned, causing serious damage to the country. On May 9, we saw how Sri Lanka paid a heavy price not only with blood and tears but also with its lives for the most violent and stupid political operation in recent history. We all need to understand that, if this is not looked into in depth and a proper political response is not given, this country will be plunged further into the abyss of destruction and terror, and will not be rescued.

But the reluctance of that political authority to free itself from the degenerated political hell that is still deep rooted in this country is very clear. They never expect a new political culture, and make various obstacles to it.

The violent and barbaric attack on the peaceful protest at Galle Face on the 9th was certainly the result of a political poisonous smoke from Temple Trees. As the whole country is engulfed in flames and destroyed, the creators of that attack have also disappeared. It is well known that political thugs with the support of the government were involved in attacking the youth protest movement in front of Temple Trees and at the Galle Face Presidential Secretariat. 

The Galle Face protest is a struggle of young people who want a new world. The people of the remote villages of the country also sent blessings for this protest movement which was mixed with human kindness and love. The Galle Face Struggle can be described as the spiritual expression of a non-partisan, secular and creative youths. 

The protest was endorsed by professionals, cultural activists, scholars as well as members of civil society and religious leaders in various fields. It was supported and even sponsored by them. Introduced as a symbol of youth protest, 'Gota Go Gama' spread even to the area of Kandy as a broad concept. 

The theme of the protest was "All 225 members of parliament, including the president and prime minister, must go home." The theme, which was socialized by the Galle Face protesters, also caught the attention of the intelligent people of this country. Various political discussions were also started in this regard.

Although the Galle Face struggle was intended to take Sri Lankan socio-politics in a new direction, it was clear that the Rajapaksa regime was not sensitive to it. There were also protests against the Rajapaksas' political interference. The pressure on the lives of the people by President Gotabaya's weak economic and political management was intensifying day by day.

In addition to Gotagogama, people all over the country were saying that the government should go home. All political parties, various religious leaders, trade unions, and other civil society organizations unanimously stated that the Rajapaksa regime had no positive plan and that the country would be in chaos if there was no clear political reform. 

But it was clear from the behavior and speeches of the President as well as the Prime Minister that none of that was taken into consideration seriously. However, the President also had to agree to the idea of a caretaker or interim government consisting of all parties represented in parliament. Gotabaya Rajapaksa is in a position to relinquish even the power given to him by the 20th Amendment. 

But the problem was that Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa did not agree to abandon his representation even in those new reforms. The President with executive power then allowed his brother to make a free decision but today we see that stupid action of the President dragged the country into a catastrophe. 

It should be noted that in politics, things like blood ties and fraternal ties need to be ignored, but for that a strong leadership personality is required. 

At that juncture, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa who was an experienced politician as well as a distinguished diplomat, did not take a right political decision. 

Through this series of events we can remember how he proudly declared to the country in 2015 that if the people do not want him, he will go. But as of 2022, he had been suffered a serious political decline.

In our view, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa did not even have a friendly company with political savvy. 

It cannot be hidden that the vast majority of those around him were politically savages, despicable hell-bent villains. The people are well aware of the majority hooligans among Pohottu politicians who have come to power in the respective institutions locally. The country also knows how the Pohottuwa empowered the thugs and loiterers who used corruption and terror as a feature of their existence in the stinking local government system. 

It was such a group summoned to Temple Trees for Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to take a political decision on the 9th May. There is no denying that there were some good-natured people among them. On the other hand, it is said that former ministers as well as current ministers belonging to the main political stream of Pohottuwa were present at that local political meeting. 

It is said that former ministers Johnston Fernando and Sanath Nishantha were manipulating the meeting. Both of them have been widely criticized for initiating the Pohottu terrorism that set the country on fire. They also have a notorious reputation for political thuggery and fraud. 

In fact, the Gotagogama struggle is against this type of vulgar politics; and against the crooked politics of the water buffalos. 

It is unbelievable that Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa would even think of taking his political decisions after consulting such political buffalos. Aren't these idiots who prepared the dustbin of history for the Rajapaksas despite their all glorious political interventions? 

However, the whole country now knows that the Temple Trees meeting was an act of violent terrorism. Currently, the CID has been tasked with finding the root cause. In any case, Mahinda Rajapaksa had unanimously stated at the Temple Trees meeting that he should not relinquish the post of Prime Minister. But what kind of destruction happened? 

The water buffalos came out of the Temple Trees, armed with clubs, and engaged in the vile practice of violence. Mercenaries, underworld gangs, assailants, brigands, as well as women's necklace-breakers are said to have been involved in this thug operation. 

In any case, the Prime Minister's enthusiastic declaration of his motherland at this kind of hooligans’ conference was an encouragement to turn that motherland into a chase. 

The thugs also attacked unarmed youths in the Temple Trees premises, vandalizing their attics and launched a brutal attack on the village of Gota-Go-Home near the Presidential Secretariat. The makeshift constructions that overshadowed the various cultural activities there, the books on the side, the musical artefacts were set on fire. 

The horrific, brutal operations, and brutal attacks, all of which could be seen on television channels not only in this country but also in the world. The world-renowned playwright Berthold Brest has said that a country's image reflects by the respect it has for women.

It is not wrong to ask whether that vicious attack on Gotagogama reflects the Rajapakshas' politic. We watch the scenes of unarmed girls being beaten to the ground with tears in our eyes. I wondered if this was a modern expression of the story of the ‘Kshanthiwadi” hermit in the Book of Five Hundred and Fifty Jatakas. 

The civilized citizens who see these understand the spiritual splendor and determination of the Galle Face protesters. Less than 24 hours after that vicious terrorist attack, Gotagogama was rebuilt, a testament to the power of this youth. 

In any case, it is ironic that Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has signaled to hang on to the PM's chair with the approval of the thugs, has been forced to resign during the thug operation. Johnston and Sanath Nishantha, who wrote an obscene report on Mahinda as a leader who set the whole country on fire for the PM's chair, are now caught in the storm of public opposition. That's all right. 

But one has to ask how Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was so namby-pamby and childish as to fall into the dustbin with political nonsense. Mahinda, who is now at rest, should see how not only cow-dung but a little bit of urine has been added to his political milk jar which is about a half a century old. He must now see the tragedy of not closing the door to the scandalous taurus operation of Temple Trees and stepping down. 

If Mahinda, who had gone to Anuradhapura to pay homage to the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and the Ruwanweli Seya, had been able to inquire with an intelligent mind about the protests near that sacred places, he would have been able to prevent this Pohottu terror.

All this destruction shows us that Mahinda did not have the intelligence to understand truth-justice as well as do's and don'ts. 

The physical assets of many of those involved in the Pohottu party activities have been set on fire and destroyed. 

The wealth, movable and immovable property accumulated by some with or without Mahinda's blessings, can be determined even from those destroyed things. It also appears that many who joined in politics as sprats have been involved in hoarding and grown as whales. Some ministers have only three or four houses. 

Nobody knows the amount of their wealth in banks. Gamini Wijesinghe, who was the Auditor General, also accused politicians of amassing wealth.

What is the situation in the country today? No fuel, gas, kerosene, electricity, and medicine, etc. The farmer has no fertilizer. The writer has no stationery. The prices of everything including rice, flour, sugar and dhal have doubled and tripled. There are no items available to buy. All construction has come to a standstill due to the shortage of cement. The price of many things the oppressed needed, such as a cup of sugar-less tea, a piece of bread, also gone up. Buses and trains are not enough for public transport. Private bus and three-wheeler fares have unbearably skyrocketed. There was not a single minister in the Rajapaksa regime who was able to solve, or at least take a temporary measure.

It has also been revealed how government ministers and powerful people have secretly stored fertilizer, fuel and gas. 

What about the parliament that swallows the money of nearly one hundred million people? What was the cost of “Siyambalapitiya Kolama” alone? 

Even though our MPs and ministers are in somewhat hiding now, they are the ones who dressed up smartly and were escorted in luxury vehicles. Most of the wives of that noblemen have also become "ladies" or "dames" or "madam", not ordinary women. There are no ordinary people like us among them. Democracy is not bad. It has now been proven with evidence that public service is not a loss-making business.

Galle Face protesters say “no to all 225” after seeing these thieves. There are some thieves called "Kamba Hora" are also among those thieves. A bit of that thefts was recently revealed by the JVP to the country. 

We also remember an incident where a film was made claiming that Sri Lanka is a land of cannibals. There was a mass protest against it that day. It now appears that Sri Lanka is a land of 'heroic thieves'. This is not a bad time for a film with such a theme. There are many stories about thieves and where the stolen wealths are hidden. 

The allegations of theft against the Rajapaksas are endless. There is a lot of stories about white-cloth thieves, tie-coat thieves as well as public officers who were naked with thieves. Out of the cases filed for theft and bribery, the cases go to jail and the thieves escape.

Now there are some signs that, in some extent, thieves are being punished for theft, thuggery, abjectness, as well as stupidity. But thieves are invincible. The people are defeated. The country is anarchy. People's lives are melancholy. 

Deshabandu Tennakoon, the highest-ranking police officer in charge of the Western Province, was also beaten on the road recently. He survived because his legs were strong. That is a small example of the security of the country. 

MPs and ministers are in hiding. Some in bunkers. Former Prime Minister is trapped in the Trincomalee naval base. Can he recall those immediate events in a calm and light mind?
He can investigate how his brother's rule, especially his own, put pressure on the people of this country. He will be reminded of the actions he took for power as well as the fraudulent operations he undertook to weaken the power of others. 

The distorted mind of power-feeding is certainly dangerous. All the dishonest and vicious operations carried out by the stupid followers of the Rajapaksas and the thug politicians in Pohottu in order to gain and retain power have now been defeated.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday (11), President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that the new Prime Minister and Cabinet would work to build national, economic and political stability in the country. But the strong demand of the Galle Face protesters is that the President should also step down.

They are not prepared to drop the slogan of the struggle - 'Gota go home'. SJB as well as the JVP Anura Kumara also says that nothing will happen until the President leaves. 

The President is also ready to amend the 20th Constitution for the 21st time. But what if the opposition in parliament, as well as the youths of the Galle Face struggle, do not agree on a solution with this president? 

None of the parties or leaders who took over after independence as well as political theories could provide what the country needed. The Galle Face struggle implicitly says that the time of all those politicians is over.

- The feature titled 'අගමැති ගොසින්ය - ජනපතිටත් නොගොසින් බැරිය!', written by Gamini Sumanasekara, and published on Divaina website on 15 May 2022, translated by

- Ananda


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