Forty-day “Zheng He Operation” begins..!

- Asaba reveals

(Lanka-e-News -18.June.2022, 5.20PM)  Various nations have been at war for centuries to gain trade domination in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka was in the midst of all these conflicts, and the compensation she paid throughout history is enormous. 

Asian century..

At this moment, the battle for power in the Indian Ocean has been intensified again. "In the future, our politics should be dedicated to the Indian Ocean, not Iraq," said Mrs. Hilary Clinton ten years ago, referring to the countries around Sri Lanka's eastern coast which will be achieving world's greatest economic development in the next few decades. Today, with the Ukrainian war this has been intensified further.

China did well in advance..

Long before that, China began developing the "String of Pearls strategy" port network to take full advantage of this new economic growth. It was essential for them to build the Hambantota port to strengthen that string. China was prepared to do anything to keep Sri Lanka's politics under its control, due to that and many other factors.

Best partner..

China is a country that does not consider the accepted diplomatic norms and trade traditions. Meanwhile, they met the Rajapaksas, its best ally or local agent. As a result, China was able to easily succeed in its mission to occupy Sri Lanka economically and politically. It has now been proven that the Rajapaksas were paid with cash for election campaigns, as well as unlimited commissions.

As a result, Sri Lanka trashed its non-aligned policy and isolated from the rest of the world; her long-time friends, Japan and India were displeased.

Operation Sheng-He..

The Rajapakshas as well as China must be equally responsible for the economic recession in the country today. The recent incidents in the country have created an atmosphere where China is unable to maintain its monopolistic and predatory intervention in Sri Lanka.

Now China needs to take control of the situation as soon as possible. For that purpose, they have prepared a 40-day operation called "Operation Sheng-He".

Sheng-He' is the name of the Chinese naval admiral who captured King Alakeshwara (Alagakkonara) who ruled the kingdom of Kotte by an unexpected attack in 1411, and took him to China. That was during the time of Emperor Ming in China. 'Sheng-He' captured King Alakeshwara and his family in a four-day operation. It is an unknown story to many that, at the Chinese palace, the Chinese Emperor Min crowned the King Parakramabahu VI who later became the King of Kotte. However, the King Parakramabahu VI created a prosperous Kotte era with the support of China. That is the story of the past.

The aim of the current operation, which China has named after 'Sheng-He' today, is to overthrow the existing regime in Sri Lanka and build a pro-Chinese regime through a "wave of 40-day struggle" instead of 4.

Masked men cannot deceive us..

In preparation for this, a number of 'goodwill' meetings led by China were recently held between the SJB and the Frontline Party, as well as between the Frontline Party and a prominent TNA MP. 

Japan and the United States are ready to provide loan assistance to Sri Lanka with the approval of the Technical Committee of the International Monetary Fund. It will take another four months to receive direct assistance from the IMF.

Accordingly, it will take until January for the economy to recover and at least the end of August for the oil queues to disappear.

Count down..

China's plan is to create a transfer of power through a “wave of popular struggle” in the country by mid-August. Anyone in power will then be able to move forward as the 'savior who solved the crisis' because of the IMF Technical Committee Agreement.

For this operation, China has spent enough Yuan to ‘buy’ a popular TV channel, a number of web media outlets, and the Frontline Party.


The JVP, China’s old ally, was not directly involved in this operation because of an idea of a local adviser who is coordinating with China. That is, the JVP will not be able to evade this wave of popular struggle against India. That is because the JVP will have to join the struggle inevitably due to fighting with the front liners to claim the 'protest' flag.

Accordingly, JVP has already pointed out the crocodiles in the Indian fertilizer subsidy. The JVP, which did not see the Chinese faces fertilizer ship sailing around the country, has not even seen Indian urea, but is carrying out a massive propaganda campaign claiming that Indian urea is poisonous.

As pro-Chinese racists like Wimal and Rathana who were in Pohottuwa have been rejected by the people, China plans to set aside them for the moment, and bring Dallas forward.

The plan to replace the Rajapaksas’ Pohottuwa with a new one and move the country along the old path was officially launched by China in Kollupitiya as a “protest against Adani." Tomorrow, this will be an opposition to India. The aforementioned TNA star has been tasked with covering up the Chinese face of the protest campaign. The other opposition to India is being led by Kumar Gunaratnam. Together with all these, it is important to note that the aforesaid TV channel, which was believed to be pro-India, has stood up together.

- Asaba

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