Finally, Gotabaya escaped safely to the Maldives...!

-By LeN Internal Intelligence Service

(Lanka-e-News -13.July.2022, 1.40PM)  Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the ousted president who was once called “the Hero who Protected the Country” but later “the Donkey who Destroyed the Country” due to turning the motherland known as the “Eastern Granary” into an “'Eastern Beggar's Bowl” has left Sri Lanka at 1.10 am today (13) and fled to the Maldives.

Private jet flight was disrupted due to lack of air traffic controller's permission…

The preparations to fly out of the country through Higurakgoda airport by bringing a Kana’s private jet were disrupted after the disclosure by Lanka-eNews. Their attempt was greatly affected by the fact that the private jet sent by Kana did not get the Air Traffic Controller’s permission which is essential for a public jet to enter and leave the country. 

We said that it is up to the advanced, patriotic, and responsible officials to thwart the Rajapaksa's plans we were exposing in advance. Because of the officials acting in the same way, Gotabaya, Basil and the group were prevented from escaping in a private jet. The group led by Basil was flying in a helicopter here and there in Mattala, Sigiriya, and Higurakgoda and returned back to Ratmalana in Colombo due to failure of the aim.

Bags full of foreign currency, gold, and gems…

Meanwhile, Gotabaya, who had been staying at the Katunayake Air Base since yesterday (11), was prepared to go on an Air Force AN 32-passenger plane as planned. He was accompanied by his wife Ayoma and a 22-year-old young man who is his wife's cousin. Along with that, 6 large black bags of their belongings weighing about 60 kilos each, were also loaded onto the plane. Unconfirmed reports say that the bags contained valuable gold and gems as well as foreign currency.

Who is the Commissioner who got the immigration clearance on behalf of the thief?

This flight travel also required seals from immigration and emigration officials as before, but none of the officials were ready. 

Then Ashok Pathirage, who is a business partner involved in Gotabaya's black money laundering and was appointed as the chairman of Air Lanka airline by Gotabaya himself, intervened and managed to get one commissioner agreed for. It is said that the latter was able to enter the computer system of the Immigration Department and do the relevant task.

The said commissioner’s duty station is 5th floor of Passport Office Building, “Suhuru Paya”. It is known that he had secretly completed the process of granting the permission. (We will reveal the real name of this traitorous officer in due cause.)

The following are the people who received VIP permission for immigration along with Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa:

* Ayoma Udeni Rajapaksa
* Ranasingha Mudiyanselage Mahinda Ranasingha 
* Wickramaratna Kodagoda Madhura Sanjeeva 

In addition, Gotabaya has obtained the necessary security approvals for such a flight. Since Defense Secretary is Kamal Gunarathna, and Air Force Commander is Sudarshana Pathirana, the tasks have not become so difficult.

Here are the names of those who airlifted Gotabaya...

Air Force Commander Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana, and Air Commodore Nishantha Thilakasingha had boarded the Air Force's AN 32-passenger plane that fled Gotabaya. Probably the both of them will go to the Maldives with Gotabaya and return back. Lawyers say that this entire process of the Air Force Commander is a violation of the Air Force Act.

The chief pilot of this aircraft was the person called Group Captain Welagedara, Commander of Aviation and Cargo Service Squadron No. 2. The second pilot was a person called Wing Commander Mallawarachchi.

America won't even let Gotabaya visit his grandson…

In the face of new people's sovereignty arose in the struggle on the 9th, President ran away from the mansion leaving not only his position but also his life. He then applied for a visa to enter the United States, where he was a citizen before the presidential election. However, the official reports said that America rejected it today.

Why escaped before 13?

Gotabaya's resignation date is 13. He had planned to leave the country earlier to use the privileges of a country's head of state to escape. He can already use the Air Force through Sudarshan Pathirana because he is not yet resigned as President. But if the Speaker announces Gotabaya's resignation tomorrow, he will lose his presidential immunity and presidential privileges and become a 'Simple Nande'. Therefore, he tried to leave the country before the announcement of his resignation using any pretense. 

(Unofficial reports say that Gotabaya has already handed over his resignation letter to the speaker. If not, then it might not be so strange for Gotabaya to reverse the currently announced date of resignation on the 13th.)

"The Rajapaksas, who looted the national wealth on a large scale for two decades and bankrupted the motherland, should not be allowed to escape. They must be caught and brought before the law, the looted wealth should be returned to the people, and should be punished for their mistakes." Even though we wrote at the end of every report so far, Gotabaya has already run away.

Now ‘what-to-do’ has to be decided by the Sri Lankans in the Maldives.

Cotton cannot be remained safe where iron had been burnt. Ranil Wickramasingha cannot stay after Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled.

-by LeN Internal Intelligence Service

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