Speaker received Gota's resignation...! In the end, Sharia law resolved the fate of anti-Muslim Gotabaya...!

- A LeN staff reporter writes

(Lanka-e-News 14.July.2022, 7.35PM) While ruling the country, he made it a mess; even when fleeing the country, he plunged it into chaos by not formally resigning. Once he was an American citizen, but America did not allow him to enter into their country. Even the neighbouring 'big brother' India did not allow him to enter their country. 

He is Medamulane Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the Taurus King, who was cursed as one of the worst rulers in the world, and kicked out by 97% of the people of a country. 

It is reported that Saudi Arabia, a country ruled by Muslim Sharia law, has finally allowed him to live with protection.

O Nandasena, you look like Ben Ali...!

Ben Ali, who looted entire Tunisia for 24 years, stayed in Saudi Arabia until his death in 2019 after being expelled from Tunisia by the country's people in 2011.

Like Ben Ali, if Nandasena Gotabaya chose to live in Saudi Arabia, he will get legal coverage, facilities, and protection according to the Sharia law in force in Saudi Arabia. O Nandasena...!

This is an irony of fate for Nandasena Gotabaya, who gained power by creating Muslim extremism. He used Muslim extremists to kill 300 innocents, including Christians and foreigners, and crippled more than 500 people forever. He won the elections because of his creation of a massive Muslim abhorrence, misleading the country of 70% Sinhalese Buddhist population. . 

Sworn in at Ruwanveli stupa, and resigned in Makkah…

This was mentioned by one social media person very simply, but wonderfully.

"The oath was taken at Ruwanveli stupa, and the resignation was made in Makkah. Sir, you are the one who did very well."

In the early morning of the 13th, Gotabaya, who escaped from a plane belonging to the Sri Lankan Air Force to the Maldives, then flown to Singapore by a Saudia plane SV 788. It is confirmed that the plane has arrived Singapore by now. 

According to the international media, it is the plane that has been 'tracked online' by the most people in the world today. It is also reported that Gotabaya is going to Saudi Arabia by that plane or another one from Singapore.

Did Sri Lankan government pay Rs. 22.5 lakh bill of Maldives’ hotel...?

Meanwhile, the Indian media says that the one-night rate at the super hotel in the South Maldives, where Gotabaya stayed from the 13th to 14th, is 22½ lakh in Sri Lankan currency. 

When the people of Sri Lanka could not find 1000 rupees to buy a packet of milk to feed their infants, this disgusting thief has spent 22 and a half lakh rupees to spend one night. 

Since Gotabaya had not been resigned from the presidency at that time, the Sri Lankan government may bear this cost. His illegitimate successor Ranil Wickramasingha alias Ranil Rajapaksa will surely pay Gotabaya's bill with Sri Lankan public money. The country's opposition should question Ranil about it.

An international warrant to arrest Gotabaya...!

Meanwhile, Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the British Liberal Democratic Party, made a request to the speaker to "issue an international warrant and arrest Gotabaya Rajapaksa" in a statement yesterday in the British Parliament.

Speaker received Gota's resignation..

An information received while preparing this report states that Gotabaya's resignation letter has been received by the speaker. The speaker's press secretary Indunil Abeywardena claims in a statement that the speaker has received such a letter through the Singapore Embassy in Sri Lanka, and after contacting Gotabaya over the phone to confirm whether it is a genuine letter, the official announcement in this regard will be made by the speaker tomorrow.

- By a LeN staff reporter

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