A brahman's son was invited by British brahmans to Downing Street..!

-"Kankanthri" analyzes an unknown side

(Lanka-e-News -30.Oct.2022, 10.00 pm) Within fifty days, the residents of No. 10, Downing Street in London moved away. Even tenants living under abusive landlords are not so quick to move away. If they want to move away from the house so quickly, they should move away only with luggage. 

The change of lodgers in this famous house, like changing an inn, is a piece of news unprecedented and unrelated in our memory. What does the change of occupants of this house indicate to us? To find it, we need to find out who the current new resident is (since October 25th).

Irshi Sunak, the name of this new resident, does not match at all with the list of previous residents. His manners, devotion, and beliefs are also not comparable to those of its ancestors. He is vegetarian. Temperance. A devotee of hundreds of Gods, not one. He belongs to an old-style human collection called "caste" whose ancestors are unknown. These are unused cultural elements unknown not only to European culture but also to British culture. So, we must first recognize these new cultural elements coming to Downing Street.

This brahman is purified starting from four ancestries…

New British Prime Minister Irshi Sunak is a pure Brahman purified since four ancestries. His companion Akshata Murthy is also a pure Brahman. They go to the Vedic society temple built by their grandfather [Ramdas Sunak] in Southampton on the days offered to God. They are also involved in the leadership of its contributory council.

Brahman is a race or a caste unknown in Britain. In India, their ancient traditional jobs were advising the king, teaching (Hindu) religion, and working as intermediaries [priests] between God and devotees in Devales. By making a Brahman as the Prime Minister, this traditional professional practice becomes in one sense suitable for a constitutional monarchy like Britain. As King Charles III is the official head of state, a brahman is the most qualified to advise the king.

Did the “Boston Brahmans” and the brahman caste collapse?

In the Buddhist sense, a brahman is a Hindu devotee who holds traditional or ancient beliefs and lives accordingly. In 1956, when the Bandaranaike government came to power in Sri Lanka, Martin Wickramasingha, known as Koggala Sage, wrote a book called “The Collapse of Brahman Caste”. He meant to say that the pro-colonial politics of the Senanayake and Kothalawala families was over..! In Britain, it is the Conservative Party, which is the old Tory, that keeps the ancient political traditions and customs. In that sense, the Brahmans in Britain are the leaders, members, and followers of that party.

A similar type of brahman exists in the United States of America, too. Under the name of "Boston Brahmans", they settled in the “New England Colonies” of the United States and lived according to English traditions. Here we have to write that the conservative brahmans of Britain gave a Hindu brahman the leadership of their party and the prime ministership of the country.

Prime Minister Irshi Sunak had met all the qualifications to become the new leader of the British brahman community.

He studied at Winchester College, a renowned private school. Its most profound meaning is that he is a king's English speaker. His original degree was from Oxford University. Then he won an American Fulbright scholarship and earned a postgraduate degree in business management from the prestigious Stanford University (United States). Then he became the head of the financial investment company called “Goldman Sachs”. He met the companion who made him the 222nd billionaire in Britain at this university. It completely changed his future destiny. His partner, Akshata Murthy is the only daughter of Nagawara Ram Rao Narayana Murthy, the founder and former chairman of the world's 602nd largest public company, Infosys. This makes the new British Prime Minister richer than the monarch in Buckingham Palace.

Brahman prince was brought forward according to a previous plan…

The brief political history of Prime Minister Irshi Sunak shows that this brahman prince, who was adopted by British brahmans, was identified in advance to be the future leader of the country. He was chosen as the Conservative Party candidate for the seat of Richmond in Yorkshire, which the Conservative Party has not lost for 100 years. Its previous representative was former Foreign Secretary and Conservative leader William Hague. He was elected to the Westminster Parliament at the age of 35 in the 2015 general election. At the age of 38, he received the title of Deputy Minister, and at 40, the position of Finance Minister (Chancellor). At the age of 42, he was elected to the post of British Prime Minister, becoming the youngest Prime Minister in 200 years.

More than a dozen sons of Indian brahmans have already become the heads of huge multinational companies in the United States. The American companies introduced the selection of these new business managers from among the sons of brahmans of Indian origin to the western world. This makes it clear that it is not a hap that a brahman son of Indian origin was chosen to handle the British economy, which is currently stuck in an economic maze with an inflation rate of more than 10%. But it is still too early to judge how the dharma, caste, temperance, and vegetarianism espoused by the Indian brahmans fit into the Anglo-European culture preserved in Downing Street in modern London.

- By Kankanthri

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