Rathmalana Air Force base is shared with India..! Bridge connecting India to Sri Lanka will start in November..!

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(Lanka-e-News - 07.May.2023, 5.45 pm) It is reported to Lanka E News that the government is working to share Rathmalana Air Force Base, which is one of the six main air force bases in Sri Lanka, with the Indian Air Force. This has been proposed by India and the current government of Sri Lanka has not raised any objection to it.

Sharing the Rathmalana base has been proposed by Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chowdhury, who is currently on a four-day visit to Sri Lanka.

After a new Indian Air Force Commander or Navy Commander or Army Commander is appointed, it is mandatory that he inspects the Indian bases under his control and then arrives in Sri Lanka and meets the relevant military commanders, and goes to the relevant main bases in Sri Lanka. Chowdhury's visit also happened according to the same practice.

During his visit, Chaudhry informed Sri Lanka that New Delhi has planned to build a “Friendship Auditorium” at the Sri Lankan Air Force base in Trincomalee.

In the face of increasing Chinese influence in the region, India can consider these measures as a plan to expand its power on the territory of Sri Lanka for its security.

Both the Air Force and the Navy go to be in alliance with India…

However, some security analysts in Sri Lanka think that not only the Sri Lanka Air Force but also the Navy cooperate with India to the benefit of both countries. Because if Sri Lanka is attacked by an enemy by air or by sea, Sri Lanka can never face it alone without Indian support, so it is in their opinion that Sri Lanka's air force and navy should cooperate with India.

More important to Sri Lanka is the Navy than the Air Force, because Sri Lanka has more sea than land. But currently, the Sri Lankan Navy has not reached the relevant strength. At least if a vessel catches fire in Sri Lankan waters, Sri Lanka cannot put out the blaze. Therefore, if Sri Lanka's navy and air force are merged with India, it will be a more secure step for both countries, reducing even the costs of Sri Lanka.
Further, the Indian mistrust of whether Sri Lanka is drawn towards China will also end, and since India is a nuclear power, Sri Lanka will not suffer any disadvantage, said analysts.

The Ram Sethu Bridge will be inaugurated in November…

Meanwhile, the construction of a highway and a railway connecting Sri Lanka and India by land over the famous Adam's Bridge alias Ram Sethu Bridge from Rameswaram in India to Mannar will start in November this year, according to New Delhi sources. It is further said that it will be launched soon for the victory of Indian Prime Minister Modi in next year's Indian general election.

There was a strong opinion brought by opposition parties against the construction of the Ram Sethu Bridge. That is, even the ruins of the bridge built by Hanuman mentioned in the Ramayana are now visible, so if a new bridge is built over it, the archaeological value will be destroyed.

But now, the tests conducted by the Institute of National Archaeological Survey of India with the help of NASA have confirmed that there is no human creation there and that it is a natural thing due to the diversity of limestone and waves that have happened for a long time. It also confirms that Ramayana is a fictional story and not a true one.

After the acceptance of that scientific opinion by the Lok Sabha, it has been decided to build the Sethu Ram new bridge.

- By a staff member

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