Exposing Dammika Perera: A Web of Deceit, Tax Scams, and Exploitation..!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -01.Jan.2024, 11.40 PM) In a startling revelation, former Chairman of the Board of Investment (BOI) in Sri Lanka, Dammika Perera, stands accused of orchestrating a massive 500 million euro tax scam through the exploitation of the European Union's GSP plus export concessions. Investigations reveal a sinister nexus between Perera's business empire, political influence, and illegal activities that have raised serious questions about his ethical conduct and the integrity of Sri Lanka's business and political landscapes.

Casino empire controlled by Perera..

Perera's machinations involve the misrepresentation of the country of origin for cycles exported to the European Union during his tenure as the BOI Chairman. These cycles, purportedly from Sri Lanka, were, in fact, manufactured in India. This deliberate misrepresentation allowed Perera to take advantage of EU importation concessions intended for genuinely Sri Lankan products, leading to a significant financial windfall.

The casino magnate, who doubles as a money lender, has further entangled himself in controversy by utilizing his vast business empire to influence politics. Appointed as a National List Member of Parliament, Perera allegedly pays a monthly sum of 100,000 to each Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP from his daughter's business empire. The financial intricacies surrounding his earnings from 1980 to 2023 raise concerns of substantial irregularities that warrant a thorough audit.

The casino empire controlled by Perera is now under scrutiny for its ties to a Hawala operation run by a Mumbai-based terror-related network. This operation facilitates Indian gamblers depositing money through illegal channels, contributing to the underestimation of taxation paid to Sri Lankan authorities by a staggering 95%. The evasion of approximately 17 billion rupees in tax liabilities demonstrates the extent of Perera's manipulation and exploitation of the system.

Darker side of Dhammika Perera

Disturbing reports also reveal a darker side to Perera's operations, particularly within his casino establishments. Young Sri Lankan girls are allegedly coerced into working in compromising conditions, raising serious ethical and legal concerns.

Dammika Perera's extensive influence extends to the financial sector, where he holds major shares in several commercial banks. Questions surrounding his manipulation of the Colombo Stock Exchange underscore concerns about his business practices resembling a mafia-style operation.

Perera's monopolistic approach to the tile manufacturing industry, utilizing political connections to ban tile imports, has allowed him to amass considerable wealth while stifling market competition. His leasing companies, operating as loan sharks, face over 16,500 complaints for seizing vehicles without proper legal procedures.

As if that were not enough, Perera's ownership of hospital and hotel chains is marked by alleged exploitation of investor funds, forcing investors to exit businesses after initial investments.

Calls for a comprehensive investigation..

The philanthropic front established by Perera through DP EDUCATION, offering free education to the poor, is overshadowed by the staggering 35 billion rupees in taxes owed to the Sri Lankan government. This glaring discrepancy raises questions about the sincerity of his commitment to social welfare.

In light of these revelations, calls for a comprehensive investigation into Dammika Perera's business practices, tax evasion, and potential criminal activities have reached a fever pitch. The people of Sri Lanka demand accountability, transparency, and justice in the face of this elaborate web of deceit.

-By A Special Correspondent

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