Unveiling the Future: NPP’s Uncompromising Stance Against Sri Lanka’s Corruption Plague..!

-By Shantha Jayarathne

(Lanka-e-News -07.Jan.2024, 11.00 PM) In the vibrant mosaic of Sri Lanka's history, a sinister thread silently weaves through the narrative - the enduring saga of corruption. Casting an unyielding gaze on this pervasive issue, we unravel the layers of deceit and impunity. Join us on a journey through the shadows of power as we explore the stark realities exposed by Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). From forgotten promises to shocking revelations, this article brings forth a compelling narrative that demands attention and action.

The Downward Spiral: Sri Lanka’s Alarming Slump on the Global Corruption Index

Sri Lanka, once proud and resilient, finds itself grappling with a disheartening truth - a downward spiral on the Corruption Perceptions Index. According to Transparency International, the nation slid from 89th place in 2018 to a staggering 94th out of 180 countries in 2020. It has further plummeted to 101 in 2022. Explore the unsettling reality that every passing day brings a new tale of corruption, infiltrating public institutions from CPC to NMRA and even tainting the sacred realm of cricket.

Pandora Papers and Panama Papers: A Symphony of Scandal

The Pandora Papers and Panama Papers, like haunting echoes, revealed the depth of corruption entwined within Sri Lanka's corridors of power. Dissecting the shocking revelations, we expose names like former Deputy Minister Nirupama Rajapaksa and her husband Thirukumar Nadesan, relatives of former leaders implicated as money launderers. As the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) uncovers layers of deceit, promises of investigations and prosecutions fade into oblivion, leaving a vacuum of accountability.

The Impunity Continuum: A Culture of Corruption

Impunity and a blind eye - confront the disheartening reality that follows exposés like the Pandora Papers. Despite President Gotabaya Rajapaksa's directive for the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) to scrutinize ICIJ findings, the efficacy of such actions is questioned. High-profile figures, once facing embezzlement and corruption charges, find themselves cleared, perpetuating a culture of impunity that erodes public trust.

National People’s Power (NPP): A Political Paradigm Shift

In the political landscape, a beacon of hope emerges with the National People's Power (NPP). Led by committed and principled leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake popularly known as AKD, the NPP represents a departure from the status quo, offering a vision of a Sri Lanka free from the shackles of corruption. This political movement, driven by the collective will of the people, stands as a powerful alternative to reinvigorate the nation.

Uncorrupt Governance: The Cornerstone of National Rebuilding

The essence of rebuilding Sri Lanka lies in the establishment of an uncorrupt government, and the NPP stands as the embodiment of this imperative. With a commitment to transparency, accountability, and the eradication of corruption at all levels, the NPP charts a course towards a brighter future. It is time to entrust the reins of the nation to leaders who prioritize the welfare of the people over personal gain.

The NPP Vision: A Blueprint for Progress

As we envision a transformed Sri Lanka, the NPP presents a comprehensive vision for progress. From economic revitalization to social justice, the NPP's policies are grounded in the principles of inclusivity, fairness, and sustainable development. By choosing the NPP at the next election, the people of Sri Lanka can pave the way for a government that prioritizes the needs of the many over the greed of a few.

People’s Power: A Call to Action

The strength of any democracy lies in the hands of its people. As we stand on the precipice of change, it is crucial for every citizen to recognize their power to shape the destiny of the nation. By choosing the National People's Power (NPP) at the ballot box, the people of Sri Lanka can send a powerful message – a message that demands uncorrupt governance, transparency, and a commitment to national rebuilding.

A New Dawn for Sri Lanka

In conclusion, the path to a rejuvenated Sri Lanka runs through the halls of uncorrupt governance, and the National People's Power (NPP) stands as the guiding light. It is a call to action, a plea for change, and an opportunity to shape a future free from the chains of corruption. As the next election approaches, let us unite under the banner of the NPP, working towards a new dawn for our beloved nation. Together, we can rebuild, restore, and redefine the destiny of Sri Lanka.

-By Shantha Jayarathne

(Writer is a former Senior Consultant at the Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) and can be contacted through< [email protected]>)

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