The Complex Web Surrounding the Murder of 'Ape Jana Bala' Party Chairman "Royal Beach Saman"..!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -22.Jan.2024, 9.00 PM) In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Sri Lanka, the chairman of the Ape Jana Bala Party, Saman Perera, known colloquially as "Royal Beach Saman," was brutally gunned down in a brazen attack in Today(22) morning at the Beliattha Interchange on the Southern Expressway. This investigative report aims to unravel the layers of mystery surrounding his assassination, probing into the identity of those who orchestrated the hit and the motive behind this heinous crime.

The Ambush at Beliattha Interchange

As Saman Perera's white Defender made its way along the Southern Expressway, it was closely trailed by three high-powered motorcycles. Suddenly, a 4x4 pickup emerged from a side road, devoid of any license plate, driven by a well-known underworld figure flanked by two armed accomplices. The unfolding events marked a meticulously planned operation that ultimately claimed the life of "Royal Beach Saman."

The attack reached its climax outside the Ramasinghe Food City Cafe, where the Defender came to a halt. Saman Perera, along with others, intended to grab a quick meal. The pickup strategically blocked the Defender, and within moments, a barrage of gunfire erupted, leaving Saman Perera dead at the scene.

Escape and Further Bloodshed

The chaos didn't end there. Four others accompanying Saman Perera attempted to flee from the besieged Defender, leading to a frantic pursuit by a second group of assailants. The pursuit culminated in a mini-supermarket, where additional shots were fired. The grim sequence continued with one individual shot inside the market and another halfway down an alley, leading to a residential area.

Planning of the Operation

The cold-blooded murder of "Royal Beach Saman" was meticulously planned by Kosgoda Sujee's local agent, identified as Pasidu, with the assistance of two lower-level figures. The question that arises is: What motivated these individuals to execute such a calculated and audacious attack on a prominent political figure?

Sources indicate that the motive may be rooted in Saman Perera's past criminal activities, including his alleged involvement in several high-profile murders and his connections to the underworld.

Saman Perera's Checkered Past

Hailing from Kosgoda, Saman Perera resided in Bentota with his wife, a doctor. His brother-in-law fell victim to another criminal gang, escalating tensions within the criminal underworld. Accusations surfaced that Saman Perera had purchased a political party, allegedly selling his 15-room hotel in Kosgoda for financial gain.

The laundry list of allegations against Saman Perera includes the shooting deaths of former Balapitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Stanley Thabru and his son Terry Thabru. Additionally, he stands accused in the murder of Iduruwe Saman. The conflict between Saman Perera and Kosgoda Sujee, currently residing in Dubai with Iranian criminal gangs, revolves around disputes over tourism, property, and drug distribution.

Political Vendettas and Power Struggles

Royal Beach Saman's tumultuous relationship with law enforcement and political figures is evident in several incidents. During an interview with Chamuditha, a reputed TV anchor in Sri Lanka, Saman Perera accused former Senior DIG Desabandu Thennakoon of deploying 700 police officers to surround the temple where he was staying during parliamentary elections. Allegedly, a phone call to the Defense Secretary facilitated the withdrawal of the police search.

Ongoing disputes with the acting IGP, stemming from Royal Beach Saman's attempts to remove the IGP from his post, further highlight the deep-seated animosities within the political landscape.

The Attack on Ven Rathanasara Thero and Removal of Gammanpila from the Government

Royal Beach Saman's involvement in an altercation with Ven Rathanasara Thero, a prominent religious figure, adds another layer to the complex persona of the slain politician. Furthermore, Saman Perera played a role in the removal of Cabinet Minister Gammanpila from the government, reportedly in collaboration with the Chief of Staff of President Ranil, Sagala Rathnayake.

Involvement in the Hettipola Incident

Connections between Saman Perera and Namal Kumara, a controversial figure known for creating stories about plots involving former President Maithripala Sirisena, have also surfaced. Royal Beach Saman's reported association with Namal Kumara extends to the Hettipola incident, where Namal Kumara was held in detention for 18 months. During this period, Saman Perera allegedly provided financial support to Namal Kumara's family.

Unconventional Police Raid

In a surprising turn of events, the Sri Lankan Police conducted an unconventional raid inside Saman Perera's residence after his murder. The raid, deemed unusual, raises questions about the nature of the materials removed from his house and the motive behind such an action.

The assassination of "Royal Beach Saman" unveils a web of complex relationships, political vendettas, and criminal affiliations. The motives behind his murder are multi-faceted, involving clashes with underworld figures, political power struggles, and a history of criminal activities. As investigations progress, the public awaits answers to the critical question: Who ordered the hit on the Chairman of the Ape Jana Bala Party, and what broader implications does this shocking incident hold for the political landscape of Sri Lanka?

-By A Special Correspondent

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