Thai Prime Minister's Visit Raises Questions: Will Thailand Compensate Sri Lanka for Alleged Gem Treasures Plunder?

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -03.Feb.2024, 11.00 PM) As Thailand's Prime Minister graced Sri Lanka's 76th Independence Day celebration as the Chief Guest, the festive atmosphere was overshadowed by allegations of a gem trade scandal. This investigative article delves into the historical ties between Thailand and Sri Lanka, unravels the gem trade controversy, and raises the crucial question: Will Thailand compensate Sri Lanka for the reported looting of gem treasures?

Thai-Sri Lanka Relationship..

The article begins by tracing the roots of the Thai-Sri Lanka relationship, dating back over 800 years. Buddhism forms the backbone of their ties, with historical alliances and a belligerent past that saw the Tambralinga kingdom's invasion. The complex dynamics of politics and religious support set the stage for the contemporary issues.

Thai Gem Buyers and Prostitution Nexus..

A critical examination of the gem trade scandal unfolds, exposing the alleged connection between Thai gem buyers and the introduction of prostitution in Sri Lanka. Shocking customs reports reveal that a mere 2% of gem exports to Thailand were legal, pointing to the reported looting of Sri Lanka's treasures and their subsequent resale in the international market.

Sri Lanka's Financial Losses..

The article meticulously analyzes the staggering $45 billion loss in gem export revenues incurred by Sri Lanka. It sheds light on the Thai government's alleged encouragement of illegal practices, manipulation of the gem trade, and the reported involvement of corrupt officials and Gem Corporation members in a deliberate operation that undermined Sri Lanka's gem export revenues.

Thai Lanka's Call for Compensation...

The demand for compensation from Thailand is emphasized, focusing on the responsibility of the Thai Prime Minister to address the ruthless gem-stealing operation. The article highlights the impact on Sri Lankan taxpayers who allegedly received no taxation from gem exports, contrasting it with the influx of Thai prostitutes to entertain local gem traders.

Gem Trade as a Black Money Cash Cow..

A comprehensive exploration of Sri Lanka's gem trade as a black-money cash cow is presented. The article exposes the reported 98% of dealings carried out illicitly, leading to opulent lifestyles for those involved in Thai gem export scandals while the nation declared bankruptcy.

Gem Corporation's Role..

The article delves into the alleged complicity of Sri Lanka's Gem Corporation in black-market activities. It reveals how the government department, tasked with regulating export values, collaborated with Thai gem dealers, resulting in losses exceeding $40 billion, while senior officials enjoyed lavish lifestyles funded by taxpayers.

IMF Intervention..

A call for IMF intervention is made, urging officials to audit Sri Lanka's gem export trade. The investigation emphasizes the need to expose collusion between government entities, including the Gem Corporation, Customs officials, and the Finance Ministry.

General public of the Sri Lanka,  calling on the Thai Prime Minister to take responsibility for the alleged illicit operations that have cost Sri Lanka billions. It highlights the rigged rules and double standards, questioning Thailand's moral standing to partake in Sri Lanka's Independence Day celebrations while its gem traders exploit the island nation. The article ends with a powerful call for compensation and the rebuilding of diplomatic ties.

-By A Special Correspondent

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