Allegations Arise Over Removal of Patali Champika Ranawaka from Parliamentary Committee Leadership..!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -14.Feb.2024, 10.00 PM) In a shocking revelation, Patali Champika Ranawaka, leader of the URF party, has accused the government of failing to address significant losses totaling Rs. 16 billion, despite recommendations from parliamentary committees. Ranawaka's claims come amidst a backdrop of economic turmoil and allegations of corruption within the government.

Ranawaka, also the Chairman of the parliamentary Ways and Means Committee, dropped a bombshell by alleging that his exclusion from the Committee on Ways and Means was influenced by individuals connected to the sugar scam and liquor deals. This accusation has brought to light serious concerns about the integrity of parliamentary proceedings and the potential influence of vested interests. At the heart of the controversy is the alleged abuse of power by the Opposition Leader, who stands accused of shielding close associates involved in the sugar tax scandal and alcohol duty fraud. Ranawaka contends that his exclusion from the Ways and Means Committee was a deliberate ploy orchestrated to suppress scrutiny of these scandalous activities, thereby protecting individuals with vested interests.

Speaking out against Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa, Ranawaka accused him of wasting time in Parliament and denying speaking opportunities to opposition MPs. Ranawaka's assertions highlight growing tensions within the political arena, as accusations of obstructionism and manipulation swirl among parliamentary members.

Furthermore, Ranawaka criticized recent government decisions, such as the significant increase in the tax on sugar and import duty on wheat flour, which he claims have disproportionately benefited certain companies at the expense of consumers. He cited evidence suggesting that some businesses were aware of impending tax hikes and manipulated import volumes to maximize profits.

Ranawaka's allegations strike at the heart of governance and accountability in Sri Lanka, raising urgent questions about the government's commitment to combating corruption and safeguarding the interests of the people. As the controversy deepens, calls for independent investigations into Ranawaka's claims are likely to intensify, with many demanding transparency and accountability from those implicated.

In the face of mounting scrutiny, the government faces a critical test of its integrity and credibility. The coming days are likely to see heightened tensions and increased pressure on government officials to address these serious allegations and restore public trust in Sri Lanka's democratic institutions.

-By A Special Correspondent

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