UN Office Team Leader Accused of Orchestrating Anti-NPP Conspiracy..!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -23.Feb.2024, 5.55 PM) A storm of controversy has erupted in Sri Lanka as allegations surface regarding a secret conspiracy orchestrated by Imthiyaz Bakeer Markar, a prominent member of the opposition party SJB, and his son Fadhil, who holds a leadership position at the Sri Lankan UN Office in Colombo-07. The allegations suggest that the Markars, along with assistance from Mohamed AJWADEEN, a researcher working for the Sri Lankan Parliament, organized a clandestine brainstorming session aimed at smearing the National People's Power (NPP) party.

The session, reportedly held under the guise of discussing political strategies, allegedly focused on concocting a conspiracy theory implicating India and the USA in supporting the NPP, a move perceived as an attempt to sway Muslim voters away from the party. The NPP has gained significant popularity among Sri Lankan Muslims, posing a threat to established Muslim politicians, including those affiliated with the SJB.

The involvement of a UN senior employee in such domestic political maneuvering has raised serious ethical concerns. UN employees are expected to remain impartial and refrain from engaging in activities that could be perceived as exploiting their official positions for personal or political gain. By allegedly orchestrating a political event aimed at undermining a domestic political party, Imthiyaz Bakeer Markar and his associates may have breached UN ethical guidelines.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a Parliament researcher in the alleged conspiracy raises questions about the neutrality of government employees in political matters. It remains to be seen whether Mohamed AJWADEEN had proper authorization to participate in such a politically charged event.

The timing of the alleged conspiracy coincides with a period of heightened political tension in Sri Lanka, with the SJB facing dwindling popularity and the NPP gaining momentum, particularly among disenfranchised communities. Reports suggesting Indian interest in the NPP leader have further exacerbated tensions, prompting desperate measures from political rivals.

The potential for Imthiyaz Bakeer Markar to exploit religious sentiments by falsely attributing foreign support to the NPP underscores the lengths to which some politicians may go to secure their own interests. However, such tactics risk inflaming ethnic and religious divisions within Sri Lanka, threatening the country's fragile social fabric.

As investigations into these allegations proceed, it is imperative that accountability is upheld and that those found guilty of breaching ethical standards or engaging in unlawful political activities face appropriate consequences. Sri Lanka's democracy relies on the integrity of its institutions and the commitment of its leaders to uphold the rule of law and democratic principles.

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-By A Special Correspondent

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