Rohitha Try to Assault and Blocks Shanakiyan Rasamanickam MP from Entering Sri Lankan Prime Minister's Parliament Office: Political Tensions Flare.!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -08.March.2024, 6.15 PM) The incident Highlights the Growing unruly behaviour of third-class, uneducated Sri Lankan Parliamentarians

In a dramatic turn of events earlier yesterday, tensions within the Sri Lankan parliament reached a boiling point as Shanakiyan Rasamanickam MP was abruptly prevented from entering the Prime Minister's Parliament office by a contingent led by Rohitha, a prominent figure within the ruling coalition, who try to assault Tamil Politician elected from Batticaloa.  The incident, which unfolded amidst a backdrop of political manoeuvring and power struggles, has sent shockwaves through the nation's political landscape, raising questions about the how Majority Sinhalese Politicians are treating minority Tamil Politicians within the Parliament of Sri Lanka, accusing Tamil Politicians of LTTE murderers, asking Tamil Politicians to leave the Parliament, even saying to Tamil MP, that they do not belong Sri Lanka.  

According to eyewitness accounts, Shanakiyan Rasamanickam MP, a vocal critic of certain government policies, arrived at the Prime Minister's office this morning intending to discuss urgent matters about his constituency. However, before he could even approach the entrance, he was intercepted by Rohitha, who reportedly informed the MP that he was not permitted to enter the PM's office, then trying assaulted him, even chasing him away with flighty language.

Shouting anti-Tamil slogans...

The confrontation quickly escalated, with Shanakiyan Rasamanickam MP insisting on his right to access the Prime Minister's office as an elected representative of the people. However, Rohitha remained resolute in his decision, pushing Tamil Politician out of the PM's office, shouting anti-Tamil slogans.

The incident has since sparked outrage among opposition lawmakers and civil society groups, who have condemned Rohitha's actions as a blatant violation of democratic norms and parliamentary protocol. Many have accused the ruling coalition of resorting to authoritarian tactics to stifle dissent and consolidate power.

Meanwhile, Shanakiyan Rasamanickam MP has vowed to pursue all available legal avenues to challenge Rohitha's actions, describing the incident as a flagrant abuse of power. He has called for an independent investigation into the matter and has urged the international community to closely monitor the situation to ensure that democracy and the rule of law are upheld in Sri Lanka.

The confrontation between Shanakiyan Rasamanickam MP and Rohitha underscores the deepening divisions within the Sri Lankan government, where rival factions vie for influence and control. With Presidential elections looming on the horizon, analysts warn that the political climate in Sri Lanka is likely to become even more volatile in the coming months, raising concerns about the country's stability misses.

Who is Rohitha Abeygunawardena?

Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) had filed a case against Minister Abeygunawardena over the unlawful acquisition of assets to the tune of Rs.41.2 million while serving as a minister from 2010 to 2014, Rohitha Abeygunawardena was educated at Gnanodaya Vidyalaya, Kalutara, left the school without any qualification, he was a familiar face at Salgadu Bakery in Kalutara  Town. Then deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake while participating in a certain political television had alleged that Former minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena had snatched gold necklaces from female passengers travelling in trains, which is the reason Rohitha Abeyagunawardhana popular as " Rattaran" (Gold) amongst locals. He was the driver of Minister Ediriweera Premarathna and took his trust to build his political career. The daughter of Ediriweera even stated in an article the first time to got a driving job, he came on a bicycle, then he became a Provincial Councilliar, then a Parliamentarian, Minister, yesterday 7th of March 2024,  was elected as the new Chairman of the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) with a majority of votes, to exercise constitutional right to question corruption, making mockery of Sri Lankan Parliamentary committee.

When Rohitha Abeyagunawardhana visited to the United Kingdom this year to stay with his daughter, he was looking to buy a property in Yorkshire. Rohitha Abeygunawardhana's divorced from his first wife, his daughter from first marriage living in Yorkshire, the northern part of the UK.

Every uneducated person is a caricature of himself. The life of an uneducated man is as useless as the tail of a dog which neither covers its rear end nor protects it from the bites of insects. Imagination is a very potent thing, and in the uneducated often usurps the place of genuine experience.

By A Special Correspondent

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