Ranil Rajapaksa's racist gunner aimed at Tamil & Muslim communities in Sri Lanka

-Ashoka Jayawardena

(Lanka-e-News -19.March.2024, 8.45 PM) Sugeeshwara Bandara, who resigned from Gotabaya Rajapaksa's private secretary to support Ranil Rajapaksa, accuses the Muslim and Catholic community of the country of being part of an international conspiracy.

He says this in association with 'Truth with XXXXXX, a Gossip YouTube channel. That Youtuber #' is also someone who spreads his extreme racism without being ugly.

Sugeerwara Bandara was paid as Gota's Private secretary till February 19 this year. He resigned that day and joined the political carol of Pro Ranil Rajapaksa SLPP member of the parliament Nimal Lanza, a Catholic.

Even before that, Ranil Rajapaksa had given Sugeeshwara a special position and an office in the Presidential secretariat. Now Sugeeshwara Bandara is a confidant of Ranil Rajapaksa. That is why he was appointed by Nimal Lanza as the chief organizer of his political alliance in Colombo. Nimal Lanza also has a special office in the President's office.

Joining the racist you tuber  Sugeeswara Bandara says that the protest held in front of Gota's house on March 31, 2022 was organized by Muslim people and they are terrorists.

Mirihana police arrested 53 people who participated in that protest. If there were Muslims among these 53, there should be only one or two. The vast majority of those who joined the protest in front of Gota's house were from Sinhala Buddhist backgrounds.

However, Ranil Rajapakse's trusted boss of Colombo, Sugishwara Bandara, says that not only the surrounding the  Gota's house, but the entire ‘Aragalaya’ is a program of the Muslim, Catholic and Tamil diaspora.

Millions of people who joined the ‘Aragalaya’ know that this is a blatant lie and domestic and foreign analysts have also pointed it out.

This racist attack has been launched to paint these communities as traitors just because   Ranil Rajapakse cannot obtain the votes of those communities in this year of elections.

The areas where the ‘Aragalaya’ struggle did not receive real support were the areas where the Tamil Muslim community is the majority. Hundreds of Buddhist monks came to the  ‘Aragalaya’ to express their solidarity.
This political gunner of Ranil Rajapaksa is actually a ghost of Gota. He exaggerates Gotabaya Rajapaksa's multi-faceted conspiracy theory.

According to this political gunner of Ranil Rajapakse, Gota was chased away by countries like America and Switzerland, not the people of this country.

Ranil's UNP was also on the Galle-Face Green supporting ‘Aragalaya’. Moreover, Ranil Wickramasinghe is a fraud who said that the struggle should be protected until Ranil Rajapaksa becomes. Once he became the president he turned his back on the people’s demands and helicopter gunship over them.

This gunner of Ranil Rajapaksa, who is sinking into the mud of racism as the election heat picks up, is, in fact, aiming his gun backward, it will be Ranil Rajapaksa's fake reconciliation politics that will be destroyed by this racist bullet.

By Ashoka Jayawardena

by     (2024-03-19 15:27:13)

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