Masterminds of 2019 Easter Sunday attacks are in an attempt to flee from Sri Lanka to evade justice. Here is their plan..!

-By Russell Hewawasam

(Lanka-e-News -23.April.2024, 6.15 PM) It is five years since Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday attacks of 2019.

On April 21, 2019, a series of suicide bombs ripped through two Catholic Churches in the Western Province, a Christian Church in Batticaloa in the Eastern Province and three star-class hotels in the heart of Colombo. Close to 300 people were killed and more than 500 hundred injured; some were seriously injured for life. Among the dead were eighty-four innocent children, who knew nothing about power-hungry politics. They were in the Churches to pray and to celebrate with their siblings, parents, and grand parents, on the most holy day of their calendar.

Even though the front-line suicide bombers were Islam extremists, and even though it appeared to be an extremist attack on Christians, from the outset Lanka E news (LEN) exposed that the 4/21 attack was a politically motivated conspiracy.  This series or barbarous attacks were carried out to bring Gotabaya Rajapaksha to power. LEN published a series of investigative reports to show evidence to this case, which were confirmed by investigations, Parliamentary Select Committee Report, and the published volume of the Special Presidential Commission Report.

Five years gone, in spite of enough evidence and leads to identify masterminds and then apprehend and bring them to the book, successive governments have intentionally failed to take action. The reason: main suspects are Rajapaksas and their allies in the security and intelligence establishments. Among them are the ousted president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and former president – the president of Sri Lanka at the time of attacks – Maithripala Sirisena, former chief of SIS (State Intelligence Service) and current no.2 in Sri Lanka Police, Senior DIG Nilantha Jayawardene and the current Director of National Intelligence, General Suresh Saley.

We reveal today that all these four ‘suspects’ have finalized plans to flee the country before a change of government in the next presidential and parliamentary elections. They fear that the new government would conduct investigations seriously to bring the masterminds to the book.

Maithripala Sirisena is widely believed to have known about the impending attack as the then Minister of Defence However, failed to take action to stop it due to still undisclosed reasons

Maithripala Sirisena has planned to flee to South Korea...

Our sources reveal that he had an unholy alliance with an unlawful business agent in South Korea  when he was the President and the Minister of Defence.

As the then Minister of Defence, he colluded with his son-in-law Thilina Suranjith and  sold about 6000 tons  of cannon pellets to South Korean government through that businessman without any tender procedure. After he retired as president, Sirisena has travelled to South Korea few times on the connection he had with that businessman.  During the Sinhala New Year time this year, in a  hurriedly announced tour he suddenly traveled to Thailand. Our Sources say that the aim of that travel was to finalize his plans to flee to South Korea. Therefore, In the coming few months Maithripala Sirisena would leave for South Korea for good in order to evade investigations.

Gotabhaya created a fake passport in the name of "Rajaratnam Sudakaran"...

The ousted president Gotabhaya Rajapaksha’s final destination is the United States. However, he  has planned to enter USA through Canada. He is scheduled enter Canada through Singapore using a fake passport. Since it would be risky to enter as Gotabhaya Rajapaksa because of possible popular protest, he is going to enter Canada disguised as a Sri Lankan Tamil with the name Rajaratnam Sudhakaran. Fatefully it is Kumaran Padmanadan alias K.P., a former LTTE leader, who is helping Gota in this illegal deal. The fake passport with the name “Rajaratnam Sudakaran, resident of Rambakulam , Vavuniya, has already been prepared by KP party. Thus, in the near future Gota will travel through Canada and enter USA. Gota’s Wife Anoma who still has  US Citizenship is  expected to directly go United States before him.

The same intelligence and security establishment officers in Sri Lanka who colluded with  Gota to grab power over the ethnic hatred wave created by the Easter Sunday attack are helping in his attempt to flee the country. They believe that they would be safe once Gota leaves the country.

However, General Sursh Saley and Senior DIG Nilantha Jayawardene also have plans to flee the country, our sources say. LEN is is on the watch over their final destination.

By Russell Hewawasam

by     (2024-04-23 12:46:14)

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