Controversy Surrounds Sri Lankan Foreign Minister's Son as US State Department Probes Visa Application..!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -26.April.2024, 2.45 PM) The son of Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, Bilal Sabry, finds himself embroiled in a controversy as the US State Department investigates allegations of falsifying his visa application to study at the University of California, Berkeley. Triggered by a complaint from a Tamil Parliamentarian in Sri Lanka, the investigation has unveiled a series of concerning revelations surrounding Sabry's educational journey and potential diplomatic entanglements.

Allegations and Accusations:

The complaint lodged by the Tamil Parliamentarian accuses Bilal Sabry of submitting false information in his visa application, raising questions about the integrity of his admission to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Additionally, allegations surfaced suggesting Sabry espoused anti-Semitic views during his time in Sri Lanka, adding fuel to the controversy.

Uncertainties and Connections:

Further complicating matters are unclear associations between Bilal Sabry and individuals linked to the Iranian regime, raising suspicions about the source of funding for his education. Additionally, doubts linger regarding the accuracy of Sabry's disclosed educational qualifications in his visa application, casting doubt on the transparency of his academic credentials.

Diplomatic Implications:

Of significant concern is the revelation that Bilal Sabry participated in diplomatic meetings alongside his father, the Foreign Minister, despite being on a student visa. The revelation that travel costs for these engagements were covered by the Foreign Ministry raises questions about potential misuse of diplomatic privileges.

Potential Consequences:

Should the investigation by the US State Department substantiate the allegations of visa fraud, Bilal Sabry faces the prospect of deportation to Sri Lanka. Such an outcome would not only tarnish his academic pursuits but also carry diplomatic repercussions, particularly given the involvement of the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry in facilitating his visa application.

A Closer Look at the Allegations:

1. Visa Fraud Complaint:

A Sri Lankan Tamil Parliamentarian has lodged a formal complaint with the US State Department, alleging that Bilal Sabry falsified information in his visa application to gain admission to the University of California, Berkeley. The gravity of these accusations underscores the potential breach of trust and integrity in Sabry's pursuit of higher education abroad.

2. Accusations of Anti-Semitic Views:

In a troubling development, it has been asserted that Bilal Sabry expressed anti-Semitic sentiments during his educational tenure in Sri Lanka. Such allegations not only tarnish Sabry's personal reputation but also raise concerns about the prevalence of discriminatory ideologies within educational institutions.

3. Murky Financial Associations:

Questions linger regarding the source of funding for Bilal Sabry's education, with speculation suggesting ties to a close friend of the Iranian regime. The opacity surrounding Sabry's financial backers underscores the need for transparency and accountability in academic sponsorship.

4. Uncertainty Surrounding Educational Qualifications:

Adding to the controversy is the uncertainty surrounding the accuracy of Bilal Sabry's disclosed educational qualifications in his visa application. The discrepancy raises red flags about the veracity of information provided by Sabry and necessitates a thorough investigation into the matter.

5. Breach of Student Visa:

Accusations have emerged that Bilal Sabry violated the terms of his student visa by participating in numerous diplomatic meetings alongside his father, all while his travel expenses were footed by the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry. This revelation underscores concerns about the misuse of diplomatic privileges for personal gain and the potential repercussions for Sabry's legal status in the United States.

6. Deportation Risk:

The seriousness of the allegations against Bilal Sabry extends to the possibility of deportation to Sri Lanka if found guilty of falsifying his visa application. Such a scenario not only jeopardizes Sabry's academic aspirations but also carries significant diplomatic implications for bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and the United States.

7. Diplomatic Ramifications:

Compounding the controversy is the revelation that Bilal Sabry's visa application was facilitated by the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry, raising suspicions of preferential treatment and potential diplomatic impropriety. The involvement of a government entity in Sabry's visa process threatens to strain diplomatic ties and erode public trust in the integrity of governmental institutions.

Bilal Sabry's UN Attendance Raises Controversy: Criticized for Breaching Student Visa..

Bilal Sabry, son of Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, finds himself at the center of controversy as he attends a United Nations session in New York while enrolled as a student at the University of California, Berkeley. His participation has ignited criticism from Sri Lankan politicians, who accuse him of breaching his student visa and flouting regulations.

Breaching Visa Regulations:

Bilal Sabry's attendance at the UN session raises eyebrows due to allegations that he breached his student visa by engaging in diplomatic activities. Sri Lankan politicians have seized upon this revelation, highlighting concerns about the misuse of diplomatic privileges and the potential legal ramifications for Sabry.

Criticism from Sri Lankan Politicians:

Several Sri Lankan politicians have publicly criticized Bilal Sabry for his apparent disregard of visa regulations and his involvement in diplomatic affairs while studying abroad. They argue that Sabry's actions undermine the integrity of the visa system and set a negative example for other students.

Questioning Diplomatic Etiquette:

Sabry's dual role as a university student and a participant in diplomatic events has sparked debate about the appropriate boundaries between academic pursuits and diplomatic responsibilities. Critics contend that Sabry's involvement in high-level diplomatic meetings while on a student visa constitutes a breach of diplomatic etiquette and raises ethical concerns.

Legal and Diplomatic Ramifications:

The allegations of visa violation against Bilal Sabry carry potential legal and diplomatic repercussions for both him and his father, the Foreign Minister. If substantiated, Sabry could face deportation from the United States, while his father may come under scrutiny for his role in facilitating Sabry's diplomatic engagements.

Bilal Sabry's attendance at the UN session in New York has ignited controversy and drawn criticism from Sri Lankan politicians, who accuse him of breaching his student visa. As the controversy unfolds, it underscores the delicate balance between academic pursuits and diplomatic responsibilities and raises questions about the ethical and legal implications of such actions. The outcome of this controversy will likely have far-reaching implications for Sabry, his family, and Sri Lanka's diplomatic relations.

Response from US State Department..

The US State Department has confirmed that they are reviewing the complaint filed against Bilal Sabry. While refraining from divulging specifics of the investigation, they reiterated their commitment to upholding the integrity of the visa application process and ensuring that all applicants adhere to the relevant regulations and requirements.

Reactions in Sri Lanka:

The allegations against Bilal Sabry have sparked debate and speculation within Sri Lanka, with concerns raised about potential nepotism and abuse of power. The involvement of a Parliamentarian, particularly from the Tamil community, has added a political dimension to the issue, amplifying calls for urgent investigation by US State Department in this visa fraud matter by son of the influential Minister.

-By A Special Correspondent

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