NPP 59%; SJB 21%; Opinion Tracker Survey Reveals Insights into April 2024 Presidential Election Voting Intent in Kolonnawa Polling Division, Sri Lanka..!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -30.April.2024, 6.45 PM) In the throes of political fervor leading up to the April 2024 Presidential Election in Sri Lanka, the Kolonnawa Polling Division in the Colombo Electoral District, situated within the Western Province, emerged as a focal point for understanding the electorate's sentiments. A recent opinion tracker survey conducted across 46 Grama Niladhari (GN) divisions within Kolonnawa offers a snapshot of voter preferences and trends, illuminating the dynamics shaping the impending electoral landscape.

Survey Methodology:

The survey meticulously canvassed 46 GN divisions within the Kolonnawa Polling Division, ensuring a comprehensive representation of voter demographics and geographic spread. Covering areas such as Mulleriyawa North, Ambathale, Udumulla, Maligagodella, Rajasinhagama, Himbutana, Kelanimulla, Belagama, Malpura, Kotikawatta, Gothatuwa, Mahabuthgamuwa, Vennawatta, Kittampahuwa, Welewatte, Kotuvila, Sedawatte, Weheragoda, Halmulla, Wadulla, Meethotamulla, Orugodawatte, Kuruniyawatte, Wellampitiya, Dahampura, Salamulla, Sinhapura, Gajabapura, Vijayapura, Megodakolonnawa, Madinnagoda, Kajugahawatte, Bopetta, and Elhena, among others, the survey aimed for maximum inclusivity.

Key Findings:

Party Preferences: The survey results delineate a clear preference hierarchy among respondents. The National People's Power (NPP) emerged as the dominant choice, commanding a formidable 59% of the voting intent. In contrast, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) secured 21%, while the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) trailed at 9%. The National Union of Nondescript Parties (NUNP) garnered a modest 4% of the anticipated vote share.

Undecided Voters: Despite the pronounced leanings towards specific parties, a notable 7% of respondents remained undecided, underscoring the fluidity of electoral allegiances and the potential for last-minute shifts in political calculus.

Total Registered Voters: With a comprehensive overview of the registered voter population within the Kolonnawa Polling Division, the survey underscores the significance of the electoral landscape within this district. The total count of 149,211 registered voters amplifies the electoral stakes and underscores the need for nuanced campaigning strategies tailored to local dynamics.


The survey outcomes furnish invaluable insights for political stakeholders, strategists, and observers alike. The resounding support for the NPP signals a burgeoning momentum for alternative political narratives and underscores the electorate's appetite for substantive change. Conversely, established parties such as the SJB and SLPP confront the imperative to recalibrate their messaging and outreach strategies to resonate with voter aspirations.

Moreover, the presence of a sizable undecided voter bloc injects an element of unpredictability into the electoral equation, necessitating proactive engagement efforts by all political entities to sway fence-sitters and consolidate support.

As Sri Lanka braces for a pivotal electoral juncture in April 2024, the opinion tracker survey offers a panoramic glimpse into the prevailing sentiments within the Kolonnawa Polling Division. Beyond mere statistical abstraction, the survey findings serve as a barometer of public sentiment, illuminating the evolving contours of political preference and the imperatives shaping electoral outcomes. As stakeholders navigate the labyrinth of electoral dynamics, the insights gleaned from this survey serve as a compass for informed decision-making and strategic maneuvering in the pursuit of electoral success.

-By A Special Correspondent

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