India says that India is not responsible for the company that authorized the visa to enter Sri Lanka..!

(Lanka-e-News -02.May.2024, 8.20 PM) The High Commission of India in Colombo has issued a statement in response to media inquiries regarding Indian companies (Indian Global Processing Ltd) taking over visa issuance at Katunayake International Airport (BIA). It says:

“We have seen reports and comments including in social media regarding Indian companies taking over visa issuance at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Colombo.

The companies referred to in these reports are not India based or Indian and are headquartered elsewhere. Any reference to India in this context is unwarranted.”

According to the announcement of the Indian High Commission, the situation is even more serious. India has no government responsibility for the company named Indian Global Processing Ltd, which was handed over to issue visas in Sri Lanka. How risky is it to entrust such an irresponsible company with the responsibility of issuing entry visas?

This is the second in a scam involving the importation of fake medicines from a bogus company claiming to be in India.

This decision must be reversed immediately.

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