Sri Lankan President Ranil and National Security Advisor Sagala Rathnayake Under Scrutiny for Allegedly Sending Sri Lankans to Fight in Russia..!

-By A Special Correspondent

(Lanka-e-News -15.May.2024, 9.00 PM) In a startling revelation, it has come to light that a significant number of Sri Lankans, estimated to be between 5000 to 10,000, are reportedly engaged in combat in Russia, directly contravening advisories issued by the United States. This alarming development has sparked widespread concern, particularly regarding the involvement of high-ranking Sri Lankan officials in facilitating this activity.

Sources indicate that Sri Lankans are being trafficked into the war zone under the auspices of individuals closely associated with Sri Lanka's National Security Advisor, Sagala Rathnayake. This revelation implicates not only Rathnayake but also raises questions about the complicity of other key figures within Sri Lanka's defense establishment, including the Defence Secretary and the Army Commander.

Furthermore, allegations have surfaced linking the controversial private Indian security firm to the trafficking scheme. While these claims are yet to be substantiated, they have added to the growing scrutiny surrounding Sri Lanka's involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

The international community has responded swiftly to these revelations, with both the United States and the European Union issuing warnings of potential repercussions. In particular, there are threats of withdrawing the valuable duty-free concessions on apparel exports that Sri Lanka currently enjoys a move that could have dire economic consequences for the country.

The gravity of the situation has prompted investigations by US officials into Sagala Rathnayake for possible involvement in human trafficking to Russia. Shockingly, it has been alleged that proceeds from this illicit activity have been funneled into Sri Lanka's tea plantations, further underscoring the extent of the alleged wrongdoing.

Amidst these revelations, questions have naturally arisen regarding the efficacy of Sri Lanka's immigration controls. It has been brought to light that individuals involved in trafficking Sri Lankans to Russia were allowed to depart the country unhindered, prompting calls for a thorough review of immigration procedures and greater vigilance in preventing such illicit activities.

As the investigation unfolds, Sri Lanka finds itself at a crossroads, facing not only international censure but also the need for introspection and accountability within its own ranks. The alleged involvement of high-ranking officials in facilitating the trafficking of Sri Lankan citizens to a war zone is a grave violation of human rights and international norms—one that demands swift and decisive action to ensure justice and prevent further harm.-

Sri Lankan Citizens Tricked into Joining Russia's War Effort in Ukraine..

In a disturbing turn of events, it has been revealed that hundreds of Sri Lankan citizens have been killed in the brutal war, participate in Russia's military operations in Ukraine,

The revelation came to light during a session of the Sri Lankan parliament, where public security minister Tiran Alles disclosed that approximately 280 relatives of those recruited had lodged complaints. According to reports, the recruitment process involved enticing promises of lucrative pay and assurances that the recruits would not be placed in combat roles a stark contrast to the reality they faced on the battlefield.

Lawmaker Gamini Waleboda further underscored the gravity of the situation, indicating that the majority of those recruited had been lured into serving on the Russian side of the conflict. This alarming trend prompted the Sri Lankan defense ministry to establish a specialized unit to gather information about its citizens embroiled in the conflict, while police took action by arresting two retired army officers suspected of funneling recruits to Russian mercenary groups.

Sri Lanka's plight mirrors similar recruitment schemes observed in neighboring countries like India and Nepal, where citizens have also been duped into joining Russia's war efforts in Ukraine. In India, authorities recently arrested four individuals involved in trafficking youths to Russia under false pretenses, promising lucrative jobs that ultimately entailed combat roles on the Ukrainian frontline. This organized trafficking network utilized social media platforms to lure victims, resulting in grievous injuries for some unfortunate recruits.

Similarly, reports from Nepal indicate a concerning trend of Nepali men being recruited to serve in Russia's ranks, with recruiters enticing them with promises of high wages and easy access to Europe. Despite the Nepali government's ban on citizens traveling to Russia or Ukraine for work, trafficking networks have continued to operate, exploiting vulnerable individuals and perpetuating the cycle of deception and exploitation.

The exploitation of citizens from poorer countries to bolster Russia's military endeavors is a reprehensible practice that not only violates international norms but also inflicts untold suffering on unsuspecting individuals and their families. As investigations continue and authorities work to dismantle these trafficking networks, it is imperative to ensure the protection of vulnerable populations and hold accountable those responsible for perpetuating such egregious crimes against humanity.

Demanding for US Sanctions against Sagala Rathnayake..

Legal expert and The Current Cabinet member and the victims of the family members are demanding  U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to  designate of Sri Lankan National Security Advisor -Sagala Rathnayake  and three Senior Sri Lankan officials involved in Human Trafficking  into Russia for the purpose of the war.
If OFAC designated Sagala Rathnayake  with conspiring to violate and evade U.S. sanctions in violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, then Sagala Rathnaye must extradited to USA.

-By A Special Correspondent

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