The Poverty Wage of Sri Lankan Journalists..!

-By The Investigative Team at LankaeNews

(Lanka-e-News -06.July.2024, 11.10 PM) A recent investigation conducted by LankaeNews has uncovered the alarming financial conditions faced by journalists in Sri Lanka. The data reveals that salaries for journalists at major publications fall significantly short of industry standards, with only mid- to late-career editors earning a sustainable wage. English-language media journalists in Sri Lanka are among the lowest paid in the region, often accused of writing for financial incentives provided by diplomatic missions and politicians.

The situation is so dire that young journalists are compelled to take on second jobs to cover their basic expenses. Meanwhile, media organization owners continue to reap substantial profits through political affiliations and sponsorships.

A prominent political editor, with extensive experience in investigative journalism, expressed frustration over the increasing pressure from newspaper owners to manipulate news articles to please sponsors. Financial institutions, supermarkets, and major brands reportedly restrict their advertising to newspapers that refrain from publishing negative news about them.

In the face of these challenges, Tamil journalists have managed to maintain a high level of credibility by tirelessly exposing corruption and discrimination, and advocating for their community. In contrast, many Sinhalese journalists are perceived to have compromised their integrity, often accused of prioritizing financial gain over journalistic ethics.

The perilous environment for Sri Lankan journalists has only worsened since the loss of brave journalists who sacrificed their lives for justice. Many journalists have disappeared, and some have fled the country due to government threats.

One of the largest print media organizations is reportedly owned by an environmental advisor to President Ranil Wickremesinghe. This organization allegedly benefits from government advertisements and favorable loans, leading to biased reporting against opposition parties, particularly the National People's Power (NPP).

Journalists in Sri Lanka are divided into various unions and associations, some aligned with India, others with the USA, all of which frequently publish on the topic of the "Chinese Debt Trap."

A source provided a list of journalists allegedly on the payroll of nine major corporations, which effectively prevents any critical reporting on these companies despite their monopolistic practices in the consumer market.

The integrity of journalism in Sri Lanka is further compromised as journalists selectively expose corruption only when it aligns with the interests of their employers. Additionally, journalists are reportedly invited by military and police officials to produce biased articles against their adversaries. Notably, when a leader of the Born Again Christian community was accused of attacking other religions, no journalist covered the story due to financial incentives provided to them by the community.

The current state of journalism in Sri Lanka highlights a severe crisis of credibility and ethics, calling for immediate reforms to protect the integrity of the profession and the democratic principles it upholds.

-By The Investigative Team at LankaeNews

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